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S4BB Launches Magazine Line on BlackBerry Playbook


S4BB Limited has launched a new line of subscription-based magazine for BlackBerry PlayBook. The series consists of 24 different magazines, varying from sports to animals, psychology or food & cooking.
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GM to launch BlackBerry app to connect with Chevy Volt


chevy volt app blackberry

This news is a little old but in case you’re a car fanatic and haven’t seen it before, GM will be launching a BlackBerry and iPhone app to go along with the Chevy Volt. Through the application, drivers will be able to set the car to charge at a given time, say after midnight when utility rates are lower. Hopefully the app will include more features, such as the ability to get diagnostics on your car, or reminders when oil and tire changes are due.

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Racing content introduced to Viigo


NascarViigo’s sports portfolio is happily expanding, now locked onto Formula One, NASCAR, Tour de France and IndyCar news. Sports are a big part of Viigo’s new default channel listing, and the possibility of not only checking your scores, but also getting upcoming events, news items via RSS, and hey who knows, maybe even live video on your BlackBerry someday. If you’re packing the latest beta of Viigo, scope out the Sports channel, and if you’re still on the classic, hit menu, go to Add Channel, Sports, Chose Sport, then Motorsport to keep tabs on the fastest-moving billboards on the planet. Haven’t heard of Viigo? It’s a great little RSS-reader for your BlackBerry that’s working on delivering all sorts of content and services in its ongoing Project Tango. It’s free, so go on and pick up Viigo!