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Catan: The First Island for BlackBerry Reviewed


Catan is the first modern German-style board game to gain popularity the world over. If you’ve never played a game of this genre before, get ready to color outside of the lines. Catan is a civilization-building game with an emphasis on alliances, diplomatic trading, asymmetrical warfare, and resource management.
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Bobby’s Blocks Puzzle Game for BlackBerry With 60 Levels and Highscores


Bobby’s Blocks is a puzzle game that has you maneuvering a wooden block around a maze, avoiding obstacles to get to the finish. The game has a full 60 levels of gameplay so you’re going to get a lot of value for your $2.99. As you progress through the game, these puzzles get increasingly difficult with obstacles ranging from roadblocks, to launchers and cliffs. Find your way to the finish and earn a highscore.

More information about Bobby’s Blocks available in our store.

The developers of Bobby’s Blocks are the same guys who bring you Catan for BlackBerry “Yes we Catan!”.

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