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Bell and Telus making the GSM plunge?


Rogers swimming in a GSM sea

A recent paper from UBS Investment Research is claiming that Canadian carriers Telus and Bell may be switching from CDMA to the popular GSM archietecture. It’s a big move that could cost upwards of $480 million, but when you look at the amount of exclusivity Rogers is enjoying with the iPhone, you can bet the competition won’t want to miss the next boat. This is good news for Canadian BlackBerry users, as it could mean no more waiting months on end for the CDMA versions of devices to come out. Where Bell and Telus sit on 4G remains uncertain – it’s entirely possible that they’ll skip the existing 3G HSDPA and go right to LTE.

(CBC via Engadget)


What’s the deal with the BlackBerry Thunder?


Jerry Seinfeld is confused by the BlackBerry Thunder

Obviously, as bloggers, we’re forced to deal with many rumors and half-truths in order to bring you the latest in BlackBerry news. However, the ongoing confusion over RIM’s upcoming CDMA touchscreen device is becoming almost too much to bear.

At first, we thought it was to be called the BlackBerry Storm, then the BlackBerry Thunder. Then we were told its haptic keyboard was fantastic, only to have that idea shot down by the Internet’s resident Deep Throat, the Boy Genius. The gadget nuts over at Gizmodo have now thrown their hat into the ring, claiming through sources that the BlackBerry Thunder was in fact the Storm all along, it will not be delayed, and does, in fact, rock.

The only thing we can be sure of is that nothing is certain until we actually have the device in-hand. Jim-dog, you want to swing by BBCool HQ and give us a demo?

**Update** Boy Genius has now posted a PowerPoint slide as evidence of the BlackBerry Thunder’s namesake.

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BlackBerry Bold gets FCC’ed


BlackBerry 9000There hasn’t been much hard and fast information on the guts of the upcoming BlackBerry 9000, but it’s made it through the FCC approval gauntlet and emerged with plenty of specs. A lot of the report is funky-coloured thermal graphs and radiation tests, but interestingly many indicate WCDMA readings. I’m no engineer, but maybe a CDMA BlackBerry Bold is on the way sooner than you think… More importantly is the timing of the filing. The tests ran around late April, and the first we heard of the BlackBerry Bold battery bruhaha was late March. Sending in reports to the FCC involves a fair bit of device-polishing on RIM’s part – I’m sure it would have been a little unfair back then to bash the Bold before it was even ready for the FCC, just as it might be unfair to stomp all over other upcoming devices well before they’ve gone through the testing ropes. Jussayin’.

(PhoneArena via Rimarkable)

BlackBerry 8330 comes to India


IndiaIt looks like the tentative resolution of security issues in India has been enough to for Reliance to release the BlackBerry 8330. Reliance’s CDMA network was launched last September, so it’s is still pretty new, but it’s good to see some of the more recent devices finding their way over there. The CDMA Curve is available in 500 stores across India for Rs 25,990. Hit up Reliance’s website to find the one closes to you.


BlackBerry Thunder media player shots surface


BlackBerry Thunder

We might have caught a glimpse at the BlackBerry Thunder, but we’ve got a bit more eye candy, and is it looking slick, or what? The shots look like they came from a document detailing some of the OS 4.7 multimedia functions of the unreleased touchscreen BlackBerry due out sometime before Christmas for CDMA carriers. The BlackBerry Thunder will apparently be packing a glass 360 x 480 screen, which seems like more than enough for full videos. The media player will also feature carrier music stores, which would be a great way to grab tunes wirelessly to your device. When recording video, you’ll be able to preview the whole thing in landscape mode, too. Not too shabby at all.

The touchscreen has been a point of contention, both among handheld users as well as RIM’s execs, but one way or the other, there’s a market for touch devices, and with the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM is clearly on board. Between the flip BlackBerry Kickstart, the Curve-style BlackBerry Javelin, the upcoming Bold, and now the BlackBerry Thunder, it’s clear that there’s a wide array of tastes BlackBerrys can reach out to. So, who’s salivating?

(via BlackBerrySync)

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BlackBerry Thunder Update: tons of network support, no hope for N.A. unlocking


Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

The Boy Genius continues to filter through the black swamp of tech rumors to deliver us the goods, this time with an update for the BlackBerry Thunder, the exclusive touch screen BlackBerry for Verizon he broke news of during WES.

A few things stand out: first, the Thunder will not have an external microSD slot, meaning you’re going to have to pop the battery to access it, as if it were a BlackBerry Curve. Once you’ve popped that battery, however, you’ll see a SIM card sitting next to it. BG has also heard that the BlackBerry will support CDMA 1x, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA, making it a very slick hybrid device. Of course, North American readers can forget about unlocking it for use on, say, AT&T: like the BlackBerry 8830, the Thunder will only use CDMA coverage while inside the great US of A — which doesn’t matter much seeing as the BlackBerry will only support the international 900/1800MHz bands with 2100MHz WCDMA band anyways.

BG is still saying Q3 release this year for the Thunder. We keep you in the know as more information develops.

(via Boy Genius Report)