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CDMA WorldWide: 450 million served


Want Rev. A with that?The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced new numbers on worldwide CDMA growth. Pushed by strong Q1 growth, CDMA subscribers worldwide have now reached 451 million, a 17% increase. While Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions saw their biggest growth in CDMA2000, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO was king in the Americas (shout out to our boys at Telus!). 1xEV-DO now accounts for approximately 22% of worldwide CDMA subscribers.

These numbers sound gaudy, but remember that GSM has GDMA beat by, oh, 2 billion subscribers. That’s a lot of catching up to do.

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GSM growth to slow in favor of 3G?


A cell phone towerA new report from ABI Research suggests that 2G technology like EDGE will drop to a 14% growth rate in 2008/09, compared to 22% from 2006/07, while UMTS networks like HSDPA slowly increase market share. Saying new technology will replace old technology is a bit like going on about just how wet water is, but it’s nice to know how long it will take. 2G subscribers are expected to start actively shrinking by 2013. iDEN and CDMAone users are already shrinking rapidly, perhaps explaining Sprint’s lackadaisical attitude towards upgrading their phones in that area, although CDMA2000 use is expected to stick around in more rural areas. All in all it sounds like good news for the HSDPA-packing 9000. The forecast for CDMA technologies could also help you in our Weekly Contest


Wi-Fi phone sales expected to top $145 billion in 2010


CashmoneySeems like today is Wi-Fi day here at BlackBerry Cool. While Thought is asking BlackBerry users whether or not they need a Wi-Fi BlackBerry, Cellular-News is telling us that Wi-Fi phone sales are expected to take a big jump in the next few years.

Although worldwide Wi-Fi phone revenue actually fell 8% to $5 billion in the first quarter of 2007, those crazy cats at Infonetics Research are projecting Wi-Fi will post strong double-digit growth every year through 2010, eventually hitting the magic number of $145 billion. Infonetics offers a two-pronged reason for the uptake: enterprise users want to use Wi-Fi’s corporate LAN and IP PBX capabilities, while consumers want to make use of wifeless broadband and VoIP.

Check out some Wi-Fi statistics from the report after the jump, as well as some more general wireless industry metrics.

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Nortel to kit out T-Mobile network for $150 mil


NortelContinuing a strong relationship with the carrier, Nortel has signed on to extend its service of T-Mobile’s GSM network. This is not too long after getting a $135 million deal with Cricket Communications for CDMA2000 and EVDO Rev. A upgrades. Nortel’s doing a good job of offering a wide range of technology, but maybe spreading its efforts too thin, considering its stock has seen better days. Nortel’s kind of a big deal here in Ottawa, and Wireless Week is right to point out their drooping performance on the NYSE. I know a few folks in town who bought their stock and have been sorely disappointed.

CDMA2000 booming


CDGAnother report out today, coming straight from the horse’s mouth (CDMA Development Group), is citing a whooping 350 million CDMA2000 users in Q1 2007, versus last year’s 250 million. The older report also suggested that CDMA2000 will hit 1.2 billion users by next year… you’re doing good, guys, but let’s not push it. EV-DO’s not doing too bad either, having doubled up to 65 million. CDG might be claiming that CDMA2000 is “the ‘technology of choice’ for serving the diverse needs of … users with limited purchasing power in sparsely populated rural areas.”, but still might have a thing or two to learn from GSM.

Chinese 3G on hold?


China Previous reports of China’s tri-pronged 3G licensing getting through before the 2008 Beijing Olympics may have been a bold-faced lie. Aright, fine, maybe just a little inaccurate. Right now, China’s number one priority is to get its own carrier, China Mobile up and stable with fixed-line service before worrying about CDMA2000 or WCDMA, which won’t start until October. Give the home boys a bit of a head start, you know? It goes without saying that China’s got the biggest wireless market out there, and even if it takes a little longer, it can be the most diverse in being the only country to carry three internationally-recognized wireless standards.