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Martha Stewart and Other Celebrities Still Use a BlackBerry


Is it the security? Is it the keyboard? It’s probably a combination. We’ve seen several celebrities, such as Leonardo Dicaprio who uses a Q10, talk about their love of BlackBerry. Perhaps there’s some overlap with enterprise and celebrity that isn’t fully understood yet.
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Free Bill Cosby App Connects You To Video, Shows, Social and More


YouTube link

Bill Cosby has an app and it’s an interesting concept, not because the app is particularly amazing, but it’s cool to see an app centered around a celebrity. More celebrities should create apps for themselves, especially comedians. Can Mobile Roadie please make the Sarah Silverman app?

If you’re a Bill Cosby fan, you’ll enjoy some of the app’s features including:
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Alex Ovechkin aka Ovi Uses a BlackBerry to Catch the Action


Alex Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals’ Russian machine Alex Ovechkin was at the NHL’s first ever All-Star Fantasy Draft snapping pics with his BlackBerry (Torch?). Team Staal selected Ovi as the third overall pick and with a big smile (minus a few teeth), Ovi proudly put on the fourth all-star jersey of his career.

Photo courtesy of Dale Hammond.

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Xomad’s BBM Lounge Party for Mark Salling’s Record Release Party


Mark Salling record release Xomad

Xomad had another BBM Lounge party and if you’re confused about what these parties are about – you’re not alone. The parties are being help by Xomad who get money from RIM marketing to position BlackBerry and BBM as a nightlife brand in young Hollywood. The latest party coincided with Mark Salling’s record release party and featured hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails like the BlackBerry Lemonade.

Does any other smartphone manufacturer sponsor parties like this? Does it even work? Marketing dollars can influence consumers but it’s generally on a much more massive scale. It’s hard to imagine that getting a group of minor celebrities together to awkwardly pose with a BlackBerry has any impact on perception of BBM or BlackBerry.

Check out the full Flickr page here.

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Hot Celebs and Their BlackBerrys: Whitney Port, Beyonce, Katie Pratt etc.


Whitney Port and her white Bold

I felt like posting hot celebs with BlackBerrys so here you go. Who do you think is the hottest?
More good looking celebs after the jump

Celebrities love the BlackBerry Bold


Emma Roberts and her BlackBerry

Emma Roberts
In the past we’ve done roundups from Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings and being Friday, it seems like a good time to do another. The obvious device of choice for Hollywood’s elite? The BlackBerry Bold. Guess who loves the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (after the jump)?
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