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Telus and Bell Blackberry Unlock Codes Get more Complicated



The Bell Blackberry Bold 9700 has a new lock on it called the Service Provider (SP) lock. Both the original “Network” lock aka MEP2, and the new SP lock aka MEP4, are needed to unlock the Bell 9700 now. We’ve found 2 methods to do it and blogged about it on our site.

Through the eyes of a cell phone unlocker, it seems that RIM is always making an effort to tighten security on their new Blackberry devices. This time it has gone beyond RIM, with Bell and soon TELUS adding new locks on their Blackberry phones.

We like to call them “MEP4? locks instead the old MEP2 that we’ve grown so fond of. It has already been implemented on the Bell 9700 which has 2 locks – the network lock and the Service Provider (SP) lock. Unlock code developers, crackers and hackers are still in the process of developing a quick and “Instant” method for unlocking these MEP4 codes. Although we are able to unlock the Bell Blackberry Bold 9700, it’s interesting to see that RIM, Rogers and T-mobile are still using MEP2 codes for the Rogers Blackberry Bold 9700 and T-mobile Blackberry Bold 9700.
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Unlocked T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520



The good folks at Cellfservices unlocked a T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520 for us. If you’re looking for a cheap way to unlock your device, you can get some decent deals on their site. Here are some of the prices:

AT&T Blackberry – $6.97
Rogers Blackberry – $6.97
Fido Blackberry – $6.97
T-mobile Blackberry – $6.97
Verizon Blackberry – $12.97
Telus Storm/Tour Blackberry – $37.97
Bell Storm/Tour Blackberry -$37.97
Sprint Blackberry Tour – $37.97
Non-North American Blackberry – $37.97

These promos will be on until next week Monday. 

So if you’re traveling for the holidays, it makes sense to unlock your BlackBerry. You will recover the cost by avoiding roaming fees very quickly.

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Out BlackBerry unlock partner, Cellfservices are looking for help with a short, 5 question survey on wireless usage and travel

Along with the survey, Cellfservices is giving out a coupon code “roamfree” that will discount $12 from all Blackberry unlock codes.

The prices will look like this after the coupon code is applied:

AT&T – $9.99
Fido – $9.99
Rogers – $9.99
T-mobile – $9.99
Verizon – $22.99
Vodafone UK – $17.99
Canadian Locked Storm – $44.99
Blackberry Worldwide (Listed) – $32.99
Blackberry Worldwide (Unlisted) – $47.99

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