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AT&T buys Centennial for $944 million (BlackBerry Bytes)


AT&T bought regional carrier Centennial Communications Corp last week for $944 million. The purchase was made to improve AT&T’s coverage in the Midwest, Southeast, and Puerto Rico. By purchasing an existing infrastructure and subscriber base, carriers like AT&T can maintain subscriber growth in the current economic climate for far less than the cost of doing it themselves.

AT&T has indicated that Centennial subscribers will see no ill effects in the carrier swap, but will eventually have to transfer to AT&T’s billing system.

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Two BlackBerrys land in Puerto Rico


CentennialCentennial has announced the BlackBerry 8703e and 8830 in Puerto Rico, both of which will enjoy GPS navigation and make use of the island-wide EV-DO network. Centennial just launched their BlackBerry service in the US this September, and already the love spreading down to the tropics. While we won’t be seeing the Curve on the Centennial’s CDMA network anytime soon, the BlackBerry 8130 is making the rounds, so it could very well end up down in Puerto Rico soon. You can grab the 8703e for $149.99 and the 8830 for $249.99 over here.