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Mike Lazaridis keynote at WES 2009 – BlackBerry 10 years later


Mike Lazaridis WES 2009

As we have said before, WES 2009 is not the place for device launches. As much as we wanted to see the BlackBerry Niagara launch, this conference is not about hardware. The major news is BES 5.0, security updates, an alliance with HP as well as the release of RIM’s push API’s to developers.

As Mike Lazaridis took the stage, part of me was hoping that he would talk hardware for just a moment but it wasn’t going to happen. Mike took us through some figures, reflecting on the success of the BlackBerry over the past 10 years. Some measures of success include:

  • 10 years of BlackBerry sales.
  • 50 million sold, 26 million in this fiscal year alone.
  • The BlackBerry has become “mission critical.”

Mike Lazaridis focused his keynote on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0. The latest updates to BES help organizations make push services work for them more efficiently, and ultimately save organizations costs.

The part I enjoyed most about Mike’s keynote was when he quoted Rove’s ELLB movement almost verbatim. At one point Mike Lazaridis said, “what if you could leave your laptop behind?” This idea truly embodies the direction and vision at RIM. Your mobile device is become so feature rich and powerful, that eventually your laptop will become obsolete.

Mike Lazaridis’ favorite development at RIM? App World. Mike talked about how he started his career as a developer, and the development community is what makes this device so robust. App World is helping developers make more money for their work, and get their apps in front of millions of potential buyers. App World also fosters competition, encouraging developers to make better and cheaper applications.

WES has some great news for developers and enterprise but this conference has moved away from the consumer space. Perhaps device launches are going to be left in the hands of carriers.

RIM issues security patch alongside Certicom buyout


RIM has issued a security patch for the BlackBerry. The update applies to the Application Web Loader and is related to Microsoft’s recent security updates to Internet Explorer 7. Apparently, the ActiveX component is vulnerable to a memory overflow error which, if exploited, could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on a targeted system. This patch has come in conjunction with the Certicom buyout and rounds out their security efforts quite nicely. Thanks RIM for making our BlackBerrys that much safer.


Could RIM takeover of Certicom help profits?


Certicom Corp., a security software development company, said they the board will fully approve the RIM $131-million all-cash bid. This news comes after VeriSign gave notice it would not raise its $92-million offer.

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about how RIM’s profits are down even though subscriptions are up. I’m not positive, but I think RIM licenses its security software from Certicom, and this takeover could help improve profit margins, even if just slightly. In any case, it’s nice to see cash flowing in an economy where cash is being sucked into a black hole somewhere on Wall Street.

VeriSign will not match RIM’s offer for Certicom


RIM logoIt appears as though RIM’s persistence has paid off. Little more than a week after RIM doubled their offer for Certicom, the security software maker has received a notice from its other main suitor VeriSign that it will make no attempt to match RIM’s offer.

Certicom’s board of directors will be meeting today, and are expected to approve RIM’s C$131 million bid. For their troubles, VeriSign will receive a C$4 million termination fee if RIM’s takeover goes through. I’m still interested in learning if VeriSign ever seriously thought they would obtain Certicom, or saw the whole situation as a potential cash grab. Let’s hope there’s not another OSC investigation.

|via Reuters|

RIM likely to win in Certicom bidding war


RIM logoYou have to hand it to RIM, when they see something they want, they really go after it. Earlier this week, RIM doubled their offer to security technology company Certicom, offering C$131.1 million or about 43% more than VeriSign’s bid. VeriSign has until Feb. 11 to submit an amended offer under its arrangement with Certicom, but analysts believe they are unlikely to prevail.

A counter-bid from VeriSign is unlikely, said Blackmont Capital analyst Lawrence Rhee, because RIM’s richer offer shows its commitment to acquire Certicom.

“They could notch it up higher, but I just think VeriSign thinks that RIM will come and outbid it again. So why go through that process,” Rhee said. “I think they’re both motivated to try and purchase this asset, it’s just I think RIM has proven that they want it more.”

Things won’t end too badly for VeriSign, as the company will receive a C$4 million termination fee if Certicom does not accept its bid. Hmm, sounds like a pretty nice chunk of change to help Certicom get a higher valuation out of RIM. However, it seems that acquiring Certicom is worth it for RIM regardless the cost.

“I wouldn’t say it’s all Certicom’s technology that explains the strength of the security around RIM. I think it’s a key component. I think what RIM wants is to be able to ensure continued development of ECC going forward. If its gets into a competitor’s hands … then maybe RIM would be worried,” Rhee said.

Hopefully this sordid affair will be over by February 11th, and we can avoid having it come to a duel-to-the-death between Jim Balsillie and VeriSign’s CEO.

|via Reuters|

RIM doubles offer for Certicom


RIM logoIt looks like the fat lady hasn’t sung yet for RIM’s hopes to purchase Canadian security company Certicom. After Certicom had successfully lobbied the Superior Court to strike down RIM’s hostile bid, instead choosing a larger offer from VeriSign, we recommended that RIM forget the whole mess even happened. Instead, the boys and girls from Waterloo have rolled up their sleeves and rushed back into the game.

Reuters is reporting that RIM has returned with a second offer for Certicom today, doubling its bid to C$3 a share, or about C$131.1 million in total. RIM’s new offer is about 43% higher than VeriSign’s bid.

Certicom has said its independent directors are reviewing the RIM bid with its financial and legal advisers and has plans to tell shareholders what it thinks of the offer no later than Thursday.

|via Reuters|