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IBM Announces Fixed-Cost BES Solutions



IBM has been offering BES solutions for businesses, including management and support, but until now it has had no standard pricing, according to Dan Papes, vice president of IBM Mobile Enterprise Services. That’s changed however and businesses now know up front just how much they’re going to pay per user.

The services offered by IBM include system management, secondary end-user support, integration with corporate back-end systems, and monitoring services. Depending of course on the type of support needed, businesses should expect to pay between $15-18 a month, per user. Papes says he believes this will reduce the overall cost of ownership of the service from 15-30% for most businesses. “They look at deploying another 5,000 BlackBerrys to their field force and they’re not sure what it costs them. We can tell them what it will cost,” Papes said.

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BlackBerry Cool Podacst: Episode 28


BBCoolFor our last show before WES, we talk with Neverfail and BoxTone about their recent partnership, as well as the spiffy lounge at WES, followed up by a talk with SugarSync about their desktop and mobile file access apps, and then Chalk about their exciting plans for WES, which include a prize-packed contest. As usual, we run down the news, namely the BlackBerry 9100’s flip form factor coming to light, Canadian government stepping into the ongoing Indian debacle, and RIM’s post-WES plans for certification. You can grab the MP3, XML, or iTunes.

RIM announces new certification program


BlackBerry LogoIf you were eying the new certification testing that will be available at WES this year, you’ll be interested to hear about RIM’s upcoming certificates. Available this fall will be Server Support Specialist, Support Specialist, and Solution Designer certifications, on top of the System Administrator designation launching at WES. As if that wasn’t enough to cover your wall, there are plenty more on the way…

Additional certifications for individuals planned to be available in 2009 include BlackBerry® Certified Enterprise Application Developer, BlackBerry® Certified Trainer, BlackBerry® Sales Expert and BlackBerry® Expert User. Organizational certifications planned for 2009 include BlackBerry® Certified Reseller and BlackBerry® Certified Training Center.

BlackBerrys suceptible to Trojans?


Trojan Horse A presenter at Kiwicon, a security conference in New Zealand, recently showed how easy it is to set up a Trojan virus on a BlackBerry. Given this involves installing the client-side program in the first place, Graeme Neilson from Aura Software Security makes it sound like a piece of cake.

“But all code that runs on Blackberrys is signed, right? Yes, Neilson says, but the maker of the portable device, Research in Motion (RIM), isn’t too fussy about who it sells certs to. If you want to get your Trojan code signed to run on a Blackberry, just go to the Research In Motion Web-site, plug in your details, pay a fee and voila! You’re in business.”

Wi-Fi Alliance establishes VoIP standards


Wi-FiThe Wi-Fi Alliance, fine folks who set the standards for interoperability across Wi-Fi devices, has recently released a white paper which establishes a new certification geared specifically to handsets using VoIP. This Wi-Fi Certified Voice-Personal accreditation aims to ensure call quality by testing a, b, g, and n versions of Wi-Fi, protected-access 2, multimedia, and of particular interest to BlackBerry is the optional Power Save testing. These are all established certifications that the Wi-Fi Alliance has had for awhile now.

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