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CES 2011 Photos Featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Olivia Wilde, and More


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Check out the CES 2011 Flickr stream at this link

CES 2011 is coming to a close and we’ve got a photostream you can check out. The slideshow features the Stone Temple Pilots, Olivia Wilde, the EN-V concept car and lots of other gadgets. All pics are courtesy of Nan Palmero.

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UPDATE: Skype Coming to BlackBerry via the PlayBook


app world

UPDATE: We’ve been told that the image above is a mockup – so Skype isn’t confirmed for the PlayBook. Too bad because Skype would be really awesome on the tablet.

The first look at App World on the PlayBook reveals that Skype will be coming to the BlackBerry Platform via the PlayBook. We’ve been hearing about Skype coming to BlackBerry for a long time now and the only devices to get it are on Verizon. Other than Skype, App World for the PlayBook has a really slick interface and we’re expecting some awesome apps to be ready when the device launches.

Hit this link to see a roundup of other apps you can expect to see on the PlayBook.

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Mike Lazaridis Talks About Upcoming QNX-Powered BlackBerry Super Phones


blackberry torch with qnx os mockup

At CES 2011, Mike Lazaridis confirmed again that we will be seeing QNX-powered Super Phones as part of RIM’s 10 year plan to stay competitive in the market. The upcoming BlackBerry Super Phones (wasn’t that a term coined by Google?) will be based on dual-core processors, the QNX OS and the UI will look very much like a shrunked-own PlayBook. The new Super Phones will support three types of apps: Java, Adobe Air and native apps using OpenGL.

The downside to all of this is that we won’t be seeing these devices in 2011, and probably not even 2012. The plan for BlackBerry Super Phones is part of a ten year plan and there are a few To Do’s before we can see these implemented. The next generation of BlackBerry smartphones needs to be optimized for battery life, size, weight, thickness and cost. Another interesting tidbit when it comes to RIM’s smartphone plans, is that Mike Lazaridis doesn’t see a point in 4G BlackBerrys, something we’ve been expecting for some time.

Read more from PC Mag at this link.

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Roundup of PlayBook App Demos at CES 2011


Quake and the Media Player on the PlayBook

Our friends over at BerryReview have a few videos and pics of apps running on the PlayBook. It’s good to see apps like Poynt, Fantasy Football and Documents to Go, as well as some cool games like Tic Tac Toe and Quake. Even though the PlayBook is still in pre-production and isn’t ready for sale, it’s awesome that the device is solid enough to have such a huge presence at CES. Considering the rest of CES seems to be filled with a lot of Bluetooth junk and expensive TVs, it looks like RIM chose a great conference to overtake with PlayBook news. Hit the jump for more examples of PlayBook apps.
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Roundup of BlackBerry PlayBook Impressions



RIM has a big PlayBook presence at CES 2011 and even though the device isn’t ready to be shipped, RIM is letting people have some time with the device and the reviews that are coming out are really solid. We’ve heard that the PlayBook isn’t optimized for a dual-core experience, and the QNX OS still needs some work, but regardless, reviewers are loving the smooth experience. One can only imagine how powerful the device will be when it’s ready for launch.

BGR PlayBook impressions
CrackBerry impressions
Gizmodo post
Engadget’s preview

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Sprint Announces 4G BlackBerry PlayBook To Launch This Summer


sprint playbook

Today, Sprint has announced a 4G PlayBook will be available exclusively from Sprint this summer. While many have debated whether 4G is all it’s cracked up to be, it’s still awesome to know that the PlayBook will be available with radio connectivity on the Sprint 4G network. According to Sprint, the 4G PlayBook will give customers download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G1. More details in the press release below.
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