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CES 2011 Photos Featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Olivia Wilde, and More


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Check out the CES 2011 Flickr stream at this link

CES 2011 is coming to a close and we’ve got a photostream you can check out. The slideshow features the Stone Temple Pilots, Olivia Wilde, the EN-V concept car and lots of other gadgets. All pics are courtesy of Nan Palmero.

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Roundup of PlayBook App Demos at CES 2011


Quake and the Media Player on the PlayBook

Our friends over at BerryReview have a few videos and pics of apps running on the PlayBook. It’s good to see apps like Poynt, Fantasy Football and Documents to Go, as well as some cool games like Tic Tac Toe and Quake. Even though the PlayBook is still in pre-production and isn’t ready for sale, it’s awesome that the device is solid enough to have such a huge presence at CES. Considering the rest of CES seems to be filled with a lot of Bluetooth junk and expensive TVs, it looks like RIM chose a great conference to overtake with PlayBook news. Hit the jump for more examples of PlayBook apps.
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BlackBerry Curve 8910 Accidentally On Display at CES 2010?



David of CB made an interesting discovery that the BlackBerry 8910 was accidentally unveiled at CES, and was only discovered well after CES had finished. After reviewing pictures from the CaseMate booth, it became clear that CaseMate had labeled a Curve 8910 as a Bold 9700. The two look very similar and it’s the lack of frets that really gives it away.
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BlackBerry Presenter Review: A Little Lag and A Lot of Potential



I have the latest accessory from RIM called the BlackBerry Presenter: a means of displaying PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry to a projector. The way it works is fairly simple. To get started, you do the following:

  • Download the Presenter app to your BlackBerry.
  • Connect the Presenter to a power outlet.
  • Connect your projector to the Presenter.
  • Pair your BlackBerry to the Presenter.
  • Open a PowerPoint file and in the menu section select “Present”.

After using the device with several different types of PowerPoint presentations, I can say that this accessory had some serious drawbacks, but also more potential than any other accessory RIM has ever made.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of January 11th


This was an interesting week for BlackBerry news. There was a ton of news I would file under WTF, including a BlackBerry getting God’s blessing, and the 9500 ending up in the Royal Collection. Of course the best news comes from Nan Palmero, BlackBerry Cool’s CES 2010 correspondent. He got some awesome footage of Xobni and LinkedIn for BlackBerry.
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LinkedIn for BlackBerry – CES 2010


With BlackBerry being historically such a business device, it’s only fitting that there be a proper LinkedIn application – the social network defined specifically for business. With the upcoming LinkedIn app you’ll be able to review profiles before a meeting, integrate LinkedIn contacts into your BlackBerry contacts and know when you’re receiving LinkedIn messages via a hip new icon. Hit up the video for more details.