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What Happened? BlackBerry User Customer Satisfaction Versus iPhone


ChangeWave is a research company that we’ve had problems with in the past as their surveys tend to be skewed to the point where you wonder if they’re owned or influenced by Apple. We cover these surveys because we know BlackBerryCool readers are smart enough to read through the bias and take it all with a grain of salt. The good that comes from these surveys are the talking points.

ChangeWave’s latest Consumer Smart Phone survey covers the second half of 2010. The survey takes a look at demand for the new Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC Droid Incredible, along with the impact they are having on the rest of the smartphone industry. One of the more interesting parts of the survey includes the BlackBerry versus iPhone customer satisfaction survey.
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ChangeWave survey validity should be questioned


When we wrote about ChangeWave’s most recent survey, we tried to make it very obvious that the survey was in no way indicative of any statistically accurate trends, and that it was to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, the exact wording was:

“Since the survey sample is so small, and we can’t be sure of how representative the sample is of the total North American market, we should obviously take these results with a grain of salt.”

What should have been included in the post, was a better explanation of why the ChangeWave survey isn’t accurate.
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46% of BlackBerry Storm owners ‘somewhat satisfied’


The fine ladies and gents over at the ChangeWave HotWire blog have conducted a survey amongst 61 new owners of the BlackBerry Storm, pitting the results against a similar survey conducted in July 2007 for new owners of the original iPhone. The results?

The overall satisfaction rating given by new owners of the Blackberry Storm can, at best, be characterized as lukewarm. One in three Storm owners (33%) said they were Very Satisfied with their new model, well below the 52% Very Satisfied rating given by all current owners of BlackBerry smart phones.

Simply put, the Storm satisfaction rating is similar to that of mid-tier smart phone manufacturers like Nokia (32%), Motorola (32%), HTC (31%) and Samsung (30%). While far from bad, it’s mediocre – which means it’s a potential concern regarding RIM’s head-to-head battle with Apple.

In comparison, the original iPhone’s Very Satisfied rating (77%) was more than double that of the new BlackBerry Storm (33%). Importantly, the Storm’s Unsatisfied rating (14%) is three times higher than that of the original iPhone (5%). The HotWire blog doesn’t think the Storm is a dud, however but merely suffered from an unusual array of initial launch glitches that brought its rating behind the average rating for other BlackBerry models.

I think it was quite fair of ChangeWave to compare the BlackBerry Storm against the 1st-gen iPhone. If RIM can continue to iterate on the Storm OS, who knows how the next-gen version will stack up against the iPhone 3G? You can see the key BlackBerry Storm likes and dislikes from the ChangeWave survey after the jump.

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BlackBerry Storm: Key Likes and Dislikes

Palm set for layoffs amidst declining enterprise sales


Palm employs around 1,050 people in its organization but that number is soon to be smaller. The company is experiencing a serious decline in enterprise sales which could be the reason for the layoffs. Reuters explains:

According to data released Thursday by ChangeWave, only 5 percent of companies plan to buy a Palm smartphone in the next quarter, half the figure from a year ago. By contrast, 78 percent of corporations planned to buy a RIM device and 22 percent an iPhone.

So for all the problems that Palm is experiencing, RIM seems safe from all the economic woes discussed.



RIM Vader-strangled Palm over the last year


Darth Vader strangles Elmo Another survey from ChangeWave dances on Palm’s grave by showing RIM’s compared progress over the last year. Planned BlackBerry purchases over the next 90 days had reached 82% from 61% in February ’07, while Palm dropped from 22% to a dismal 8% in May ’08. Needless to say, the two companies show an inverse relationship in planned activations, stock prices and enterprise sales. Although the feeling you get from looking at the numbers is akin to watching an episode of The World’s Most One-Sided Fistfights, it does give you hope for what RIM might be able to do against beefier competitors like Apple and Nokia.

(via ChangeWave)

Charts detailing Palm’s slow and painful demise after the jump…

Survey guages BlackBerry Kickstart and Thunder hype


BlackBerry Kickstart, Thunder survey

Changewave recently surveyed 3,567 consumers to see how many are actually interested in the flip BlackBerry due in September or the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder due sometime in November. 13% were somewhat likely to pick up a Bold or a Thunder, while a slightly lower 11% were somewhat likely to pick up a Kickstart. 4% of respondents were very likely to get the BlackBerry 9000 while 2% were very likely to nab the Kickstart or Thunder. Existing BlackBerry customers were two to three times more likely to grab the upcoming models, while Palm, Samsung and Motorola users are ripe for the switching. Those are some reasonably hopeful numbers, but it’s still hard to compete with the iPhone hype. What do you guys think – will the new form factors offer enough competition for the iPhone?

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