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Bplay adds Click and Buy option with PayPal rumored to come



Bplay now offers the Click and Buy payment option. Click and Buy could be considered the European equivalent of Paypal. It will therefore be interesting to see how popular this payment option is with European customers.

Charles Fränkl, CEO of Click and Buy, is a big proponent of mobile content channels such as Bplay. He argues there is a growing opportunity for e-payments to become a preferred way of paying on the mobile internet, even though the big mobile operators already have their own billing systems in place – another potential channel for payments via the mobile.

“The vision that everything will go through the mobile bill in future is I think slightly exaggerated,” he said. “I don’t think that the mobile operators are very good at dealing with merchants – that’s a completely new area for them.”

Bplay is a leader in providing mobile content, being the first to offer BlackBerry Premium SMS billing via MX Telecom. I have also heard that Bplay will be adding PayPal payments soon.

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