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Energy Saving App by Smart Power Devices Available as Free Beta


power spotlight app
The above is from the iPhone version

The Power Spotlight app, which is currently available for iPhone, has gone into beta for BlackBerry. The app displays energy data that shows users the best and worst times to run electrical devices. In many cities across North America, municipalities have determined certain times where energy is cheaper and more expensive in order to meet high demand zones. Power Stoplight’s app formats and displays this data for consumers so they can easily see and understand when is the best time to use or generate electricity.
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Win a “Bold” Adventure to Africa, Costa Rica or Australia


There’s a cool contest going on right now with RIM and Verizon to promote the new BlackBerry Bold 9650. This weekend in NYC, contest administrators will be going around and taking video testimonials on a BlackBerry Bold 9650 from Verizon. Participants will answer the question, “How do you live your life bold?” The boldest video wins one of three bold adventures: an African safari, a diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef, or a Costa Rican rainforest trip. Be Bold has already been to Boston and gathered up some great bold testimonials. After NYC, they’ll be headed to Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco.

Readers can also join the Live Bold. Be Bold. Facebook fan page for a chance to win the new BlackBerry Bold (the fan page will be giving away one smartphone per week). For more free giveaways, BlackBerry fans can visit the events in their cities.

Click through for an example of the sort of video that is being submitted.
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