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Trutruka Launches Nano Kingdoms for the PlayBook


Nano Kingdoms is a game from Trutruka, based in Chile. The game has you building units, defending your village and unleashing some pretty awesome attacks that are reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games. It’s games like this that are giving us lots of confidence about the gaming market for BlackBerry 10. It seems BlackBerry 10 is increasingly aligning itself with developers for Android and many studios are dual launching products.
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IguanaBee Launches Whacky Escape! for the BlackBerry PlayBook


IguanaBee is a games studio based in Santiago, Chile and the company has recently released a Wack-a-Mole style game for the PlayBook. Whacky Escape! is a new game designed for smartphones and tablets that makes for some good casual fun. The game objective is simple: the whackos are escaping the Loony Bin and they need to be stopped. You touch the doors to keep people inside and shake the PlayBook if something is thrown at you.
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App World arrives in Latin America – expect more to come



App World has arrived in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. It’s not clear whether this will be the same App World that we see here in North America, but chances are that the same applications will be distributed.

The only major difference is that users can choose to download BlackBerry App World in English or Spanish. A Portuguese version of the client interface is expected to be available later in 2009

Not only is this good for Latin America, but it should prove fruitful for the entire BlackBerry nation. App World does a great job of spreading smartphone application awareness, and teaching users that everyday tasks can be made much simpler with the use of a BlackBerry app. This smartphone lifestyle will promote more young Latin Americans to take up development as a career, and hopefully bring more bright minds to the BlackBerry platform.

This also reflects RIM’s strategy of making a tremendous push into Latin America as an emerging market. According to a recent interview with Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, the region could prove very profitable for RIM. “The thought that Latin America and Western Europe could someday be like North America in terms of market penetration gets us very, very excited,” says Balsillie. Let’s hope he’s right!


BlackBerry Bold launches in Chile, Hong Kong soon


BlackBerry Bold from PCCW

All of the excitement over the BlackBerry Bold is finally coming to fruition as some of the first carriers begin to offer the new handset. PCCW is offering the BlackBerry 9000 in their online store for $1,988 (around $US 260), although it sounds like it’s only available for preorder. 1010 is also teasing with their offer due in “mid-August”, which should include Chinese language support. Chile’s Movistar has also gone live, at a considerably steeper $299,990 (around $588). Hong Kong’s launch party and Movistar’s early info in their online store showed some definite progress on the Bold-front, but I doubt anyone was expecting these guys to bring it out so soon. Obviously we can expect the the BlackBerry Bold to be hitting up more local carriers soon, but it’s still a bit crazy that Chile of all places is getting it before everyone else.

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BlackBerry Bold coming to Chile


Claro BlackBerry Bold

Our few Chilean readers will be happy to hear that Movistar and Claro both have the BlackBerry Bold on the way sometime in August. There’s no word on pricing for the BlackBerry 9000, but right now the best guesses are hovering around the $US 300 mark. We’re still holding out breath for a BlackBerry 9000 release up here in Canada, but only time will tell if Chile and the rest of the world end up getting it before us.

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BlackBerry 8120 lands in Chile


ChileJoining the Carphone Warehouse today, is Movistar with their announced BlackBerry 8120. The Wi-Fi Pearl is sporting titanium and blue colour schemes, running for about $285.900. Movistar has plans to be bumping this sucker out to other countries in the area. Speaking of which, I wonder how the 8310 has been spreading down there…? We have any South American readers who can let us know how it’s doing?