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CNBC Panel on BlackBerry Going Private: Who Would Buy?


It’s interesting to note that the purchase of BlackBerry is so highly politicized. The CNBC panel mentioned the issue that since BlackBerry is so engrained in government and defence, the US probably wouldn’t let the Chinese purchase the company. The Canadian government, also being so heavily locked down in the company, probably also wouldn’t allow the purchase, although they have explicitly said they would be supportive of the company’s decisions. But even from a private perspective, it’s hard to think of a company that would have the power to really leverage BlackBerry and bring it to the 3rd smartphone position. The Koreans are doing well with Samsung and it’s not clear whether it makes sense for them either. Check out the full video after the break.
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RIM and China Mobile Launch BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)


rim and china mobile

Yesterday, RIM and China Mobile launched BlackBerry Internet Service for individual BlackBerry users. Starting this month, users can sign up at a China Mobile service center but will have to provide their own BlackBerry devices. Plans will cost from RMB 98 to 108 per month, offering 30MB and 50MB of data. Overage costs will be RMB 1/MB.

Any Chinese users/readers out there taking advantage of this?

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BlackBerry Curve 8980 Atlas Coming to China Mobile with WiFi


blackberry curve 8980

We haven’t heard about the BlackBerry Curve 8980 for some time now but rumor has it that the device is hitting China Mobile and while it doesn’t feature 3G, it will be shipping with WiFi support. The other device we know that’s hitting China Mobile is the Bold 9700, which does feature 3G, giving Chinese users a couple of solid choices to choose from. Other than the Curve form factor and chicklet style keyboard, we can expect many of the same specs as the Bold 9700.

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China Telecom Rolls Out Four Monthly BlackBerry Packages


china telecom

China Telecom has rolled out four monthly BlackBerry packages ranging in price from 189 yuan ($27.87 USD) to 589 yuan ($86.8732 USD) per month. This marks another milestone in a greater rollout strategy of bringing the BlackBerry solution to China. The big announcement we’re waiting for is full App World support in China which will hopefully give the app economy a boost.

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Random Tidbit: RIM Uses Akamai to Cache Webpages and App World


This is a cool video demonstration of how Akamai’s NOCC works

This isn’t huge news or anything but more of an interesting tidbit of information about RIM for those who don’t know. RIM uses the services of a really cool company called Akamai to cache their pages globally. Akamai is a very well known company as they service some of the biggest companies in the world including Apple. Apple’s iTunes uses Akamai’s caching service to avoid the servers being overwhelmed. Songs, videos, Podcasts etc. are distributed by Akamai across their network of over 20,000 servers, which are placed at the ISP level across more than 70 countries. The traffic is routed using complex algorithms to direct each request to the right server so traffic can be efficiently managed. Not only does RIM use this service to cache web pages, but App World also uses this service to protect servers against crashing.
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BlackBerry in China: User Frustrations Such as Price and Native Input


Recently, the BlackBerry Curve 8910 launched with Digital China. The success of BlackBerry in China is interesting because the market brings some incredible potential especially since trade with the country has been running at a deficit for most Western countries. If Research in Motion can sell a few million devices in China, they will set a standard for the smartphone industry.

Li Tong is RIM’s General Manager in China and he sat down with BerryTimes.cn for an interview during the BlackBerry Curve 8910 launch. The interview has some interesting questions from a Chinese user perspective that highlight a lot of what RIM is going to need to work on in order to be successful in the region.
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