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RIM and Digital China Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8910 in China


RIM has launched the BlackBerry Curve 8910 in China in partnership with Digital China. We have seen lots of pics of the 8910 in the past with a trackpad, but a picture from the press event reveals the device with a trackball. Some weeks ago, we saw a spec sheet saying that trackball versus trackpad navigation was yet to be decided, and it seems they’ve gone with the trackball decision. It could be that a trackball lowers the price point, which is crucial for selling devices in a developing nation. Whatever the reason, it’s good to see BlackBerry hitting the Chinese market and it will be interesting to see how well they sell. There are a lot of gray market ripoffs in China, but the real deal is sure to be a success. Click through after the jump for more launch event and device pics courtesy of BerryTimes.cn as well as specs.
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BlackBerry OS 6 Details Revealed in Chinese Translation of Video


Our good friends over at MMMOOO have translated the BlackBerry OS 6 video walkthrough by BerryTimes.cn. What’s interesting is that at 03:55, the guys reviewing OS 6 say the browser is “terrible”. This is really disconcerting as the browser is a central feature to OS 6 and something the community has been excited about for some time. They also call the camera “terrible” which isn’t great considering the new camera is 5MP. They don’t go into much detail about why, but say they’ll address it later. Something the BlackBerry camera needs is more responsiveness, and hopefully this will be addressed in 6.

The Twitter integration with OS 6 is really interesting. At 07:29, they show how you can send song info to Twitter for BlackBerry. The search is also improved, allowing you to search globally on device, the internet or even on YouTube (official YouTube client on the way).

Be sure to read the rest of this article after the jump because we’ve got a time-stamped translation of the video. I suggest opening the translation and video side-by-side so you can watch and read at the same time.
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BlackBerry Partners Fund Expands with $100 Million Fund in China


The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced they are creating a US $100 million fund for investment opportunities in China. The BlackBerry Partners Fund China is a new joint venture between China Broadband Capital Partners and the BlackBerry Partners Fund. The new fund is focused on investing in opportunities that support the emerging mobile ecosystem in China. The fund is expected to close on August 31st, 2010.

It will be interesting to see what kind of investments are made in China and what sort of innovation comes from the region. As BlackBerry expands globally, we’ll likely see countries with a new perspective on what mobility means and come up with some pretty innovative services.

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RIM Enters China With the BlackBerry Storm and BES


A while back we heard that RIM would be entering the Chinese market but in a strange move, RIM has decided to launch with BES and the BlackBerry Storm. China is a pretty crucial market considering its size, and you would think RIM would want to launch with an affordable and reliable device such as the Curve 8520, but instead they’ve gone with a device with one of the worst brand reputations in RIM’s hardware history. Forget about what you think of the Storm (some love, some hate), it’s still a curious decision.

If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with beating Apple in the Chinese touchscreen market. There is probably a lot of market research that says Chinese consumers are looking for more touchscreen smartphones, and RIM has decided they’ll be the ones to serve the demand. Personally, I think this is going to result in a lot of dissatisfied users, and if you’re going to pioneer a new market, why not choose a device such as the Bold and Curve, which carries a solid brand and reputation.

Read the press release from RIM.

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This Day in BlackBerry: What Was Hot Today for the Past 5 Years Pt. 2


The BlackBerry 7270 launched in April of 2005

We are going on 5 web years here at BlackBerryCool which, in human years, is about 160. It’s interesting how history repeats itself and this is nowhere more apparent than on BBCool. Some articles that were written years ago, such as “BlackBerry Devices Finally Launch in China”, are still relevant in 2010. Other articles, such as “Blackberry Reaches 5 Million Subscriber Mark”, make you realize just how far we’ve come.

Check out below for articles from the past. Granted, they all don’t fall on exactly April 7th, as previous writers sometimes took a day off, but they’re all within a day or two. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come (and haven’t).
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Indian Government Reviewing the Use of BlackBerrys in Public Sector


Manmohan Singh

The Indian Government has recently been the victim of attempts by Chinese state-backed hackers to retrieve classified information from government officials, pushing their security agencies to rethink mobile policies. With BlackBerry being the device of choice for the public sector, it’s important that governments can trust the platform to protect their data in light of recent major cyber attacks.
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