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BlackBerry Torch Announced in Nicaragua on Claro


claro blackberry torch ad

After posting the news that the BlackBerry Torch is coming to the Dominican Republic on Claro, we got sent word that the Torch was also announced in Nicaragua. Claro has a really solid BlackBerry portfolio and a lot of early adopters are going to want to pick one up. This Torch is going to spread to more places than the Olympic one.

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The BlackBerry Torch Announced in the Dominican Republic


claro blackberry torch

There aren’t a ton of BlackBerryCool readers from the Dominican Republic but these sort of posts are fun to put up anyways. It looks like the BlackBerry Torch will hit the Dominican Republic on the carrier Claro. The Torch will join Claro’s solid BlackBerry offerings including the 8520, 9000, 9700 and even the Pearl Flip.

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BlackBerry Bold now available in the Dominican Republic


dominican republic flag

BlackBerry Cool has quite a worldly flavor to it right now, writing these international BlackBerry Bold announcements while in San Francisco. Our friends at BB.COM.DO have tipped us off that Claro has announced the release of the BlackBerry Bold for the Dominican Republic, although no pricing information has been made available yet.

… So, this is maybe the 13th Bold announcement post I’ve done in the past 10 days. There’s really nothing more to say. The only country that doesn’t have the BlackBerry Bold by now is the Federated States of Micronesia — oh wait, and the United States of America. Zing!

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BlackBerry Bold comes to Brazil


BlackBerry 9000 from Claro

It’s been confirmed that Brazilian carrier Claro is now offering the BlackBerry Bold in all of its 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, crystal-clear-screeny goodness, although it’s apparently not showing up in their online store. We had heard of Claro bringing the BlackBerry 9000 to Chile around this timeframe, so maybe some Chileans out there can let us know if they got it too. Head on over to Claro’s site to find the retailer closest to you and see if they have it in stock.

Thanks Luciano!

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BlackBerry Bold coming to Chile


Claro BlackBerry Bold

Our few Chilean readers will be happy to hear that Movistar and Claro both have the BlackBerry Bold on the way sometime in August. There’s no word on pricing for the BlackBerry 9000, but right now the best guesses are hovering around the $US 300 mark. We’re still holding out breath for a BlackBerry 9000 release up here in Canada, but only time will tell if Chile and the rest of the world end up getting it before us.

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Brazil gets the BlackBerry 8310


BrazilIt was announced today that Claro, TIM and Vivo will be offering the BlackBerry 8310 to Brazilians immediately, and widespread release through Latin America will be happening come November. The BlackBerry 8310 is packing the Curve’s form-factor and standard features (3.5mm headphone jack, trackball, camera, microSD slot) plus GPS capability. No word on price, but if anyone knows Portugese and can dig up a number from the carriers’ sites, we’d be much obliged.