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BlackBerry Storm Game ‘Run Stickboy Run!’ with Accelerometer Controls


Run Stickboy Run! may not have any fancy graphics or compelling UI, but it’s simple and fun. The game uses the accelerometer on your Storm to control a stick man who runs back and forth to avoid falling balls. While nicer graphics would go a long way to making this game more fun, it’s not bad considering how bare-bones it is. Also, because it’s so simple, the game is reasonably priced.

More information (not much else to say) about Run Stickboy Run! available in the store.

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Everybody Wins! Maritime Master Giveaway Winners


Cleric’s latest game Maritime Master, is like Air Traffic Control but with boats. When we last wrote about the game, Cleric were giving away 30 copies to BlackBerry Cool readers and now we have picked the winners: everyone! Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting.
Click through for a list of the winners (everybody as of writing this)

Giveaway: Maritime Master game for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2



Cleric Software have made some cool apps such as Frazzle (Yahtzee) and a Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator.

Their latest game is Maritime Master, which is just like Air Traffic Control, except you pilot boats and dock them safely. Once the boat has been docked and has offloaded its cargo, draw the boat’s path off the screen and don’t let it crash into another boat. The game includes 3 different types of boats as well as 5 different boards.

The good people at Cleric Software are offering 30 free copies of this app as well. Comment with a valid email address and we’ll select 30 random entries to get a free copy.

Maritime Master is available for $3.99.

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BlackBerry tip calculator, games, and a fart app all on sale for a dollar



Cleric Software make some helpful and fun applications and they’re having a $0.99 sale. All of their applications are on sale from now through Sunday October 18th, 2009.

Here are some deals:

Tip Calculator – Looks Great!

Bonus Yachtzee – Yahtzee with a Twist!

Simon Says ‘Storm’ – Classic Memory Game!

Fart Storm – The Funniest BlackBerry Fart App – Lots of Laughs!

Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator – Looks Great!

Bubble Bust – Virtual Bubble Wrap Popping Game! – Lots of Fun!

Marble Solitaire Puzzle (Hi-Q, Peg Solitaire, IQ Solitaire, Brainvita)

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock – This Game Never Gets Old!

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