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IUGO Cliffed Contest Giveaway Winners


Thanks everyone for participating. We’ve selected 10 winners for the contest and an email has been sent out. Remember, check your spam inbox if you see your name on the list but haven’t received anything. If you didn’t win, don’t worry you’ll win something soon. We’re going to keep having contests and giving away as much as possible.
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Giveaway: IUGO’s 2D Racer BlackBerry Game Cliffed



IUGO’s Cliffed game is a cool 2D scrolling racer that has been a big hit on the iPhone. It’s good to finally see some creative iPhone developers heading over to BlackBerry and hopefully they’ll make some good money, convincing other game developers to come over as well. IUGO are giving away 10 copies of their game Cliffed which features:

  • 12 unique and playful characters to choose from
  • Endless game play
  • Stylized, clean graphics
  • IUGO’s signature quality and polish

Drop us a comment and we’ll select 10 random entries for the giveaway.

For more about Cliffed, check it out in the BBCool Store. Be sure to take a look at Zombie Attack! as well.

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