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More OS 4.6 details


BlackBerry 9000A recent video tour of the BlackBerry 9000 shows off the few new features in OS 4.6, including launching streaming video in the BlackBerry Media Player, geotagging right from the camera app, and a new Clock feature. The improved browser was nary to be seen, and BlackBerry Maps wasn’t included yet (likely due to tweaking needed for the new assisted GPS technology that the 9000 is packing), but the software will likely get all its gaps filled before release. Hardware-wise, the 9000’s keypad is significantly improved over the 8800’s, has a bigger battery (and extra weight to go with it), and is packing an uber-bright LED.

BlackBerry Daylight Savings mix-up


Broken ClockWe haven’t had any problems up here, but there are reports that this last weekend a lot of folks had their BlackBerry clocks automatically set back an hour for daylight savings. The problem is that back in ’05, a bill was passed to change the DST date to the first weekend of November, rather than the last weekend of October, but the change wouldn’t happen until now so that device manufacturers could adjust their automated settings. The long and short is, if your device was made before then, you might have gotten a little mixed up. A bit late now, maybe, but you can fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again next year by downloading a patch over the air available at mobile.blackberry.com