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SugarSync Updates With Cloud-Based SD Card Sync and More


Today, SugarSync released an update to their Blackberry app, making it easier than ever for Blackberry users to sync, backup and share all their data from their Blackberry device.
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Glide Cloud Apps and Services Available for QNX, Android Honeycomb and WebOS


glide cloud services

Glide is a interesting cloud storage service that has recently announced support for QNX, iOS, Android Honeycomb and webOS, allowing for sharing and collaboration between the iPad2, HP Touchpad, Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook and other tablets. With Glide, you can securely share videos, music, documents and photos, as well as access, edit and share files that are synced or uploaded from your PC, Mac and other devices. Glide offers 30GBs of free storage which makes it a pretty enticing solution for anyone looking for a cloud storage service. This is definitely something we’re going to try out when the PlayBook hits. Speaking of which, the iPad 2 is going on sale shortly for East coast.

Check out Glide over at glidelife.com.

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CyberSynchs Offers Cloud Sync and Storage for $2.99 per Month


CyberSynchs have a cloud sync system that lets you store your personal data and sync with any mobile device that has the app.

The CyberSynchs app will back up data on your BlackBerry including phone numbers, address books, calendars, voice messages, text messages, emails, music, ring tones, GPS locations, photos, videos and a host of other files that are stored on the device. Each user’s information is stored and protected on CyberSynch’s cloud where it can be recovered. In the event your BlackBerry is damaged or lost, CyberSynchs can write all of the stored data back to the device.

To download the free trial, head over to Cybersynchs.com/signup and register for a week trial. After the free trial, Cybersynchs is $2.99 per month.

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SugarSync Now Offering Email File Upload to Cloud


SugarSync are launching a new feature tonight called Upload by Email. This features allows users to forward an email attachment to a unique email address, and it will sync to the SugarSync Cloud. In tandem with this announcement, the company is also launching a new 500 GB plan.

Check out SugarSync which is available on a 30 day free trial.

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skySYNC Launches open beta



skySYNC is a system that allows you to access and cloud sync your iTunes music library from the web or from your BlackBerry. Until now, skySYNC has been running a closed beta and has just recently opened it up to the general public with the launch of their 1.0 release.

Head over to skySYNC to try it out.


Glide OS launches free BlackBerry app for micro-blogging



Glide OS is an ad free cloud storage and computing solution that provides a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 20GBs of storage. While I haven’t tried the OS, I like the idea of all my apps and desktop sitting in the cloud, to free up resources for my hardware.
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