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BlackBerry vs iPhone – like you needed another reason to go BlackBerry



Here at BlackBerry Cool, we thoroughly enjoy making BlackBerry and iPhone comparisons due to the transition that is occurring over at RIM. As RIM is dealing with an increasingly large consumer base, the device is constantly being compared to the iPhone, and RIM must think about how it’s going to create a BlackBerry device that satisfies consumers, but remains true to its enterprise user base.

In the end, enterprise will always be a focus of RIM’s products, because it gives them a competitive edge. This doesn’t mean that RIM can’t satisfy two different types of clients, it just means they’re going to have to get creative and innovative – fast.

CNet recently published a piece regarding the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone, and then the revelation that made the author, Adam Richardson, switch back again.

According to the author, “Basically it comes down to the fact that the iPhone is really good at the stuff I do 10% of the time, but pretty poor at the stuff I do 90% of the time.”

Again, it all comes back to the fact that RIM makes an enterprise device with its core values being security, reliability and efficiency. These are the features that have the author converting back to BlackBerry.
Click through for a full breakdown of where the iPhone lacks and where BlackBerry shines

Viigo video run-down


If you haven’t checked out Viigo yet, maybe CNET’s latest First Look can sell you on it.

Hey, is that BBCool to Go they’re using? Well, waddayaknow.