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Pocket Ninjas Now Available for BlackBerry Q10 and Q5


Pocket Ninjas is a fun game by Cocky Culture, the same people known for their BlackBerry themes some years ago (and technically still today). The game is sort of like Fruit Ninja, except you’re a ninja that’s slicing and dicing other ninjas in a pretty guesome blood bath. Pocket Ninjas now includes Q10 and Q5 support, along with PlayBook and Z10 support.
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Love Birds Catapult Style Game Available for the PlayBook


According to the developer of Love Birds, “not all birds are angry!” We thought that was pretty cute. Love Birds is an Angry Birds/catapult style game where the objective is to bring to Love Birds together. The design of the game is really unique and the color scheme is definitely more relaxing.
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2 Free Themes Launch on Bplay From Cocky Culture


vintage theme blackberry

Cocky Culture recently came out with a couple themes that give you the full version of the theme for free and then after 3 hours will put a watermark on the theme asking you to upgrade to the premium. These themes are great because you can get the full version of the theme to check out what it’s like, and if you don’t mind the watermark you can continue to use it without paying. Of course, if the watermark bothers you, you can always pay to upgrade. Hit the links and try and check them out.

Check out the Vintage theme by Cocky Culture at this link.

Try out the iHD theme for free at this link.

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Vintage Theme from Cocky Culture Turns Your Homescreen Icons Into A Poster


Vintage Theme by Cocky Culture is definitely a unique style of theme. With Vintage, your BlackBerry homescreen is transformed into something that looks like a poster for a cool art show. Each of your icons is seamlessly woven together in cool fonts. Currently, this theme doesn’t have full coverage but it does cover 91xx, 93xx, 95xx, 9650, 9670, 9700, 9780 and 9800.

Check out the Vintage theme on Bplay at this link.

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Cocky Culture Releases First Casual Game Devilish


Cocky Culture, best known for its themes, has moved into the realm of BlackBerry gaming with their first title. Devilish is a vertically scrolling jumper game that has you guiding the character Dante from from platform to platform picking up power ups and avoiding a variety of enemies such as flying demons, flaming arrows, and the sticky pools of the river styx among others. This style of casual game has always worked well on a BlackBerry as it doesn’t demand intense controls on the user’s part, and combined with solid visuals, this game should be a hit.

Check out Devilish in the store at this link. The game is available for a very reasonable $1.99.

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Cocky Culture Releases Tribal Theme For the Tribal Design Lover


Tribal theme by cocky culture

Cocky Culture has launched its latest theme called Tribal which has a cool, wallpaper friendly design and some great unique icons. Features of this theme include:

  • An edgy, aggressive design
  • 100% Original visuals, icons, and buttons
  • Wallpaper friendly homescreen

The Tribal theme is currently available for the 8350, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9100, 9500, 9600, and 9700 series devices. Download it from the BBCool store today because it’s currently on sale for $3.99.

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