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Coloring and Math is an Educational Game for the BlackBerry Playbook


Coloring and Math is a new player on the scene that mixes up the fun of a coloring book with the educational value of deciphering shapes, learning numbers and practicing arithmetic.
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Zeebu Launches ArtGO Coloring Book App for BlackBerry


Zeebu has announced the release of the full-featured version of ArtGo Coloring, the coloring book app on BlackBerry App World. Building off the success of ArtGO Coloring Lite, which has been downloaded several hundreds of thousands of times, the full version will sport lots of new features including:

  • Art GO coloring keeps your coloring within the lines, making coloring fun and easy
  • Optional toddler-lock mode keeps little ones from exiting the app
  • 100 different coloring pages included with the app
  • Coloring page pictures are now bigger, filling more of the screen and making coloring easier
  • Lots of new colors to choose from
  • An all-new crayon mode with realistic crayon texture
  • A new texture paint mode, letting kids color with fun images like grass, fur, rocks, water, stars, and more
  • Essential erase and undo functions

Zeebu is really awesome company that’s carving a new niche in apps for children on BlackBerry. The apps are great because children see the parents spend so much time with these devices and naturally want to hold them. So why not give them a fun app to play with? Perhaps RIM should consider making them a category in App World.

ArtGO! Coloring is available today on BlackBerry App World for $4.99

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Free Coloring Book App ArtGO! Coloring Lite by Zeebu


artgo by zeebu

Zeebu has launched the first ever coloring book app for BlackBerry – ArtGO! Coloring Lite. The app lets your little guy color just like a regular coloring book, but since it’s an app you can save it as your wallpaper, or email it to a friend or relative. You can also share the drawing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Other features include:

  • Automatically keeps your coloring inside the lines (this feature can be turned on or off)
  • Save your art to work on later
  • Zeebu’s locking mechanism can be enabled to keep little ones from getting out of the app

Grab ArtGO! free in BlackBerry App World and if you or your kid likes it, leave a nice review.

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