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HUB++ Custom Notification App for BlackBerry 10 Updated to


HUB++ LED Disco Edition is a notification customization utility for all your BlackBerry 10 messages. The app includes lots of options for audio alerts and LED color patterns so you can distinguish between types of message or contact.

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Colorize for BlackBerry 10: Add Color Back to Your Black and White Photos


Colorize is a photo editing app for BlackBerry 10 that turns your photo into black and white picture and you add colors back into the image. A great way to have fun with your mobile photos before sharing them online. Continue reading ‘Colorize for BlackBerry 10: Add Color Back to Your Black and White Photos’

Incipio Announces Colorful Protective BlackBerry Z10 Cases


Accessory maker Incipio has announced the creation of a line of protective cases for the BlackBerry Z10. Though BlackBerry devices are regarded as being tough and durable, screens as large as the Z10 are generally prone to breaking when dropped from pocket or head height.
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ColorLight v.2.2.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


As some of you may know, I recently reviewed EasyTip v.2.1.0 by Adorno – an app that many of our online store’s customers seem to love, but one that is received with mixed reviews by our readers nevertheless. ColorLight, another Adorno app does explicitly what its’ name implies: it changes the colour of your lights (your status LED and, if you’ve got a Pearl, your trackball). If you need to spice things up a little and there’s no Goofy Hat Friday or (my personal favorite) Overalls Wednesday in sight, or you simply need to differentiate your device from a large fleet of BlackBerry devices (let’s face it, a more likely reason), then ColorLight may be the app you’re looking for.

ColorLight v.2.2.0 for BlackBerry Review Quick Links


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Fresh BlackBerry Pearl cases from Speck


Speck Cases for the BlackBerry PearlSome new hard cases are now available from Speck for $24.95, sporting a very stylish array of colours including green, red, pink and crystal clear. Normally I find hard cases a little bulky, but these look very slim and snug, while also giving your BlackBerry a bit of colour. BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8330 cases ready to roll, but if you’re packing an older Pearl, the BlackBerry 8100 SeeThru case is still available. Head on over to Speck’s online store for a closer look.

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Verizon BlackBerry Curve and Pearl now in pink


BlackBerry 8330 from Verizon

Verizon’s jumping on the pink BlackBerry bandwagon, now with the BlackBerry 8330 and the BlackBerry 8130 available in the new colour. Pink’s just about had its time with the BlackBerry lineup, but other colours are certainly on the way, like the recent sunset paint job on T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8320, and a bunch of fresh colours are coming to their Pearls soon. If you’re in the market for something in pink, though, head on over to the Verizon Wireless online store for more details. The Curve is available for $99.99 and the BlackBerry Pearl $79.99, both on a two-year plan with online rebate.

Tickled pink? Check BlackBerry 8130 and BlackBerry 8330 specs behind the jump, along with some other colours that could be coming soon…