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Tiles! Game for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook


S4BB Limited has launched a game called Tiles! on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook tablets.
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ColorLight v.2.2.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


As some of you may know, I recently reviewed EasyTip v.2.1.0 by Adorno – an app that many of our online store’s customers seem to love, but one that is received with mixed reviews by our readers nevertheless. ColorLight, another Adorno app does explicitly what its’ name implies: it changes the colour of your lights (your status LED and, if you’ve got a Pearl, your trackball). If you need to spice things up a little and there’s no Goofy Hat Friday or (my personal favorite) Overalls Wednesday in sight, or you simply need to differentiate your device from a large fleet of BlackBerry devices (let’s face it, a more likely reason), then ColorLight may be the app you’re looking for.

ColorLight v.2.2.0 for BlackBerry Review Quick Links


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Sunset BlackBerry 8320 available from T-Mobile


T-Mobile BlackBerry CurveThe shiny red BlackBerry Curve rumored last week came to T-Mobile over the weekend, now available for $149.99 on a two-year plan. The BlackBerry 8320 packs all the usual goodies you can expect from the Wi-Fi Curve, namely Hotspot@Home access, which lets you make calls willy-nilly over your home wireless network, as well as MyFaves, for quick and unlimited contact with your favourite contacts. While the pink paint jobs might win over the female segment, I see a colour like this appealing to the dudes just as easily. Hotrod red is a pretty slick colour, and if I was looking to pick up a Curve, this might even win over the grim titanium. Scope out the T-Mobile online shop for more details.


Blackberry Bold launch parties and musical Thunder (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35)


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35

As usual, this week’s BlackBerry Cool Podcast features a few tidbits about the BlackBerry Thunder, BlackBerry Kickstart and BlackBerry Bold, but we’ve also got some fresh colours from Bell and T-Mobile on the way. We’re also giving you a snippet of Doug’s talk with Andy Brown of Strategy Analytics. Andy was at the UK Bold launch and had the opportunity to interview RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

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Bell rolling out new colours for BlackBerry Curve and Pearl


BlackBerry 8130 and 8330 from Bell

I’m pretty sure this is the first BlackBerry 8330 we’ve seen in red, and it’s due to hit Bell on August 8th alongside a white and titanium BlackBerry 8130. Fresh paint jobs seem like sloppy seconds when compared to the BlackBerry Bold and eventually the BlackBerry Kickstart coming out on GSM carriers in the near future, but if Bell actually makes the GSM switch, maybe they won’t have to settle for less. Still, new paint jobs are always cool, and it’s hard to argue with that colour on the Curve. Keep an eye on the Bell online store for the fresh offers… Right now the Pearl is going for free on a three year contract, and the Curve is $149.95.

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Sunset BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile due August 4th?


T-Mobile Sunset BlackBerry 8320

Pink BlackBerrys have been increasingly popular these days, but we haven’t seen much of the elusive Sunset colour. Well, here’s a live shot of the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 packing the newest paint job, and it’s pretty dashing. Not quite as somber a sanguine as AT&T’s crimson Curve. If the BlackBerry Bold is a bit too rich for your blood, keep your eye out for this beauty on August 4th.

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