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AT&T offering Valentine’s deal on red BlackBerry 8310


Red 8310As mentioned in the last BBCool podcast, AT&T has unveiled the red, GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310 in time for Valentines Day. Until February 14th., you’ll be able to pick up one of these slick little numbers for a mere $99 on a two-year plan. For the ladies out there looking to woo some hapless gadget geek, this is totally the way to do it. More info over here.

Let your Pearl tell you the weather


PearlCastThose apps that changed your Pearl’s trackball colour always seemed a bit useless to me, but fresh from the guys who made that the BlackBerry-finding software, is PearlCast. Basically, you can assign different trackball colours to different temperature ranges, so when PearlCast receives the latest weather forecast for a particular zip code, it will change the trackball colour. Pretty nifty, but it would be nice if you could change the temperature values, since the weather won’t change within 20 degrees too often. You can also set changes based on current conditions and one-day forecast. Thanks Stefano!

Canadian carriers getting a few new colours too?


PearlsThere are some rumblings that the new paint jobs recently gracing American carriers will be coming to Canada, too. An all-black and a pink BlackBerry 8130 should be coming to Telus sometime soon, with the possibility of a red one too. Wow, way to go Telus. Besides that a red BlackBerry 8310 might be coming to Rogers, too. Hmm, wonder what colours the BlackBerry 8110 will be coming out in?

Crystallized BlackBerry cases


Let’s Crystal ItLast year we pimped out an 8700 with Swarovski crystals – well, Let’s Crystal It has made a whole business out of doing the same thing for nearly whatever gadget you want. These guys pump out a variety of crystal-covered cases for BlackBerrys, although the cases cost a pretty penny ($159.99 and up). You’ve got to be a bit of a showboat to pull off something this… colourful, but if you can, more power to ya. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, you can always do it yourself, or go for a less bulky skin from DecalGirl.

Thanks Stefano!

BlackBerry 8130 coming in pink and red


Pink PearlFirst big BlackBerry news out of CES this year is the unveiling of the pink and red BlackBerry 8130 from Verizon and Sprint, respectively. Verizon’s got a teaser up on their site showing off the new threads, and based on reception to the rumors of a pink Pearl coming to Canada, we can expect the new colour to do really well. Features, shmeatures – the people demand fashion!

BlackBerry 8130 coming in pink?


Pink PearlWhat would a fresh Pearl lineup be without some some extra paint jobs? American and Canadian carriers might be seeing a pink BlackBerry 8130 coming their way before Christmas hits. Given the source of the rumor, we’re going to guess at very least Telus will be packing the new look, but we’ll wait to see how far it gets south of the border. Any takers on this colour scheme?