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More BlackBerry 8100 colours in the works


Pearl ColoursThe sharp-eyed Miblackberry has noticed that RIM’s site for the Pearl is showing a few colours we haven’t seen yet. We can cross red, blue, gold, black and white from the list, but orange, dark grey (titanium?), and a black/white combo are all alluded to. Any guesses on who’s going to be packing the other shades?


BlackBerry 8310 coming in titanium and… red?


BGRThe superspy Boy Genius has gone off and acquired secret documents again, this time pertaining to new BlackBerry 8310 colours and a launch date for AT&T. We’ve already seen what the titanium looks like on an 8300 frame, but the GPS-toting 8310 will be getting one colour we haven’t seen on a Curve yet: red. The 8300 line is shaping up to follow the Pearl’s multicoloured precedent, to the jubilation of mobile fashionistas everywhere. Red’s a surprise, but it’s better than gold. We’ve also got a release date set for October 4th., but as ever, rumors are rumors. The doc also confirms earlier speculation that the BlackBerry 8310 will be phasing out the original Curve, just as the 8820 will be doing for the 8800.