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Verizon showing BlackBerry Storm commercials


Considering the amount of information Verizon ‘leaked’ about the BlackBerry Storm before the official press release last night, it’s not really surprising that they would air nationally televised commercials before anyone knows about the device.

Even though the video is grainy and it gives no real information about the device, I think it aptly depicts the exact moment the world stopped caring about the iPhone. Verizon’s PR department deserves a BIIIIG raise.

(via Engadget)

BlackBerry Bold video debuts during Heroes debut


You have to hand it to RIM: they’re not normally known for PR savvy, but they certainly chose the perfect time to debut their BlackBerry Bold commercial on Canadian airwaves. The DVR-equipped Canucks over at MobileSyrup were able to record the commercial during the Heroes season premiere. good job, gents!