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BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 Appears in Beta Zone


BlackBerry Traffic is a mapping and navigation app for BlackBerry that allows users to plan travel routes and determine estimated time of arrival. The updated app, currently in beta measures real-time traffic conditions to provide users with the best route to take with more accurate estimated time of arrival calculations.

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Waze GPS Social Game for Commuters Launches BlackBerry Beta


Waze is a GPS-based social network and game based on your commute. The goal is to make your daily commute more rapid, more intelligent and more fun.

The Waze map provides traffic information, turn-by-turn navigation and user-generated reports. It uses crowd-sourced user-generated reports to show you where the heavy traffic is, and how to circumvent it. Waze is also a fun discovery tool by way of a pac-man style token-collecting game.

The difference between Waze and other navigation software is the crowd-sourced data. When Waze detects upcoming traffic along your original route, it will change your route and try to find a proven and efficient shortcut.
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