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BlackBerry Travel Arrives on BlackBerry 10 With New Features


BlackBerry Travel is an app that helps manage your air travel. This first party app notifies you of your flight’s status and automatically imports your flights by scanning your device for trip details.
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CES 2011: Otterbox Demos Pink Commuter Case for the Torch 9800


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We’re wrapping up our coverage of CES 2011 and a popular company for BlackBerry accessories at the show is Otterbox. Otterbox showed us their pink Commuter Series case for the Torch 9800 which has a decent amount of protection and 10% of the cost goes to the Avon Foundation for Women.

Do you have a case for your Torch? Generally, BlackBerrys are built solid, and dropping them rarely results in serious damage, but a case helps to guarantee your smartphone is safe.

Video courtesy of Nan Palmero.

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Otterbox Commuter Series – BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review


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Otterbox has been known to make high quality and durable cases for BlackBerry phones for some time now. They recently released their Otterbox Commuter Series for the BlackBerry 9700. I promptly handed this case over to my good buddy, Choco. He is a man’s man. We once went on a camping trip and he was asked to bring back firewood…he returned with a truck tow strap around his chest and a tree that he later cut into pieces. He opens beer bottles with his teeth. This is the guy to test the Otterbox. So what did Choco think?


The Otterbox came in nice packaging, it was good looking but I didn’t have to have a chainsaw and pry bar to open it *Note: He does carry these tools anyway* The materials are solid. It didn’t feel cheap where I could tug on it a couple of times and it loosen it up). I found all of the cut outs to be clean and smooth to the touch. The device feels a little bigger without being bulky which gave me a better grip. I found that the push buttons on the outside of the case work well and that everything maintained responsive. The case also doesn’t add very much weight to the phone which is important to me. I didn’t feel like the phone tried to fall out of the case, so it really inspired confidence.


The phone no longer fits in the holster and it doesn’t come with a replacement holster. I also found it troublesome to see the LED indicator from certain angles. The screen protector is a nice touch, but as most screen protectors, they can be a little tough to apply properly. Finally, I found the hard plastic doesn’t go all the way around, so whenever you want to plug in the charger or headphones it pulls back a little. I do suspect that it might stretch after a while, though.

Overall, the Otterbox Commuter for the 9700 is a winner. It has a great feel in my hands, it protects my BlackBerry when I forget to do so and it does it in a slim enough package that I can still stuff it in my pocket without feeling awkward.

There you have it folks! Choco is a fan of the Otterbox Commuter. If you have any questions about it, please post it in the comments and we’ll make sure you get taken care of!

Photos by San Antonio Photography