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Concrete Software Launches Freemium Aces Jewel Hunt Game in App World


aces jewel hunt

Concrete Software has launched two version of Aces Jewel Hunt in App World: a free version and a premium version. Jewel Hunt is a classic puzzle game that involves swapping places with two different jewels and connecting colors to make them disappear. Features of the game include:
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Review: Civilization IV War of Two Cities for BlackBerry


Sid Meyer’s Civilization IV: War of Two Cities is a BlackBerry game published by Concrete Software, and developed by Oasys Mobile. I adore the Civilization series on PC; It is one of the series of games that I will buy for the rest of my life on launch day and binge until I launch a spaceship to Alpha Centauri (one of the winning conditions). From the title I knew it was going to be a mobile game based on a small part of the Civilization experience. If they even programmed 10% of the fun of PC Civilization, then the BlackBerry game is going to be a hit.
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PBA Bowling 2 with Open GL 3D graphics available for the Storm2



Back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, the guys at Concrete Software gave us a preview of their latest game PBA Bowling 2, which uses Open GL 3D graphics for a new visual experience in BlackBerry gaming.

With PBA Bowling 2, you can choose to play a single game, a tournament, or the spare challenge – progressing through the games unlock special bowling ball textures and patterns. The game features internationally recognized players and locations, such as Las Vegas, Tokyo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Reno.

PBA Bowling 2 is available for the BlackBerry Storm2 and it’s currently on sale for 40% off. Click through for more information.

All Concrete Software is 40% off so be sure to see what else you might like.

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Deal of the Day: Currency Exchange Rates 50% off!



Currency Exchange Rates is a currency exchange app for BlackBerry. Get currency conversions using a professional currency exchange rates provider with over 120 currencies! Keep your pocket book balance ahead of the curve when you travel, trade, and buy stock or commodities overseas. Internet connection required to update currency exchange rates.

Automatic updates keeps conversion rates up-to-date for on the fly converting. Sort and add/remove any number of currencies from the conversion display screen to keep your most used currencies on top for easy access. Other options to add a “tax” to the conversion change your update time frequency, sort currencies and decimal precision makes Currency Exchange Rates the most comprehensive application of its kind.


  • Update frequency can be adjusted or turned off to avoid roaming.
  • Sort currencies by relative value.
  • Option to change the character used for the decimal place so currencies can be display in formats like 123.456.789,12 for those that prefer this format.
  • Base currency can be changed by simply touching a different currency. (Not fixed to USD)
  • Use the Inverse button to show the exchange rate’s inverse ratio.

Buy Currency Exchange Rate for $3.49, that’s 50% off!


Phil Hellmuth Texas Hold ‘Em coming to BlackBerry


Phil HellmuthIf you know poker, you’ve probably heard the name Phil Hellmuth before. Well, a mobile Texas Hold’em game with his name on it will be available from Concrete Software on July 24th. That’ll be some stiff competition with Bplay’s Texas Hold ‘Em King 3 currently rocking the BlackBerry poker scene, but hey, you never know. We got a chance to play around a bit with it, and it’s pretty solid, with three game types to chose from: table play, head-to-head and tournament. No word on pricing or carrier yet, but if you’re a poker shark with an itch to scratch, keep your eyes peeled.

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