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RIM Re-Files Patent for New Conference Call Interface


We’ve said it a million times, but filing a patent doesn’t prove RIM is going to implement, but at least it puts it a little closer in the realm of possibility. RIM recently re-filed a patent for a conference call interface that looks very much in line with the sort of uber-visual interface we’ve seen with BlackBerry 6. From the patent drawings, we can see the conference call interface displays avatars of those in the call, along with some information about the person such as name and phone number.

While there isn’t much to see here other than some design mockups, it looks like a great start. A more visual conference call experience is something I would love on my BlackBerry, and would add a little more functionality to the experience. I’m going to assume this new conference call feature allows you to select those on the call and interact with them over email, BBM etc.

What would you like to see improved in conference calls on BlackBerry?

More patent information available here.

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Reuters is wrong about RIM’s stock valuation and market strategy



Yesterday, we heard RIM give its Q1 2010 fiscal conference call and I get the feeling Reuters wasn’t even listening. They had the following to say:

“Research In Motion offered investors an outlook yesterday that fell short of some expectations, sending the BlackBerry maker’s stock sliding five per cent even as the company reported a higher quarterly profit that topped forecasts.”

First of all, the stock sliding 5% is not necessarily correlated with the conference call. In my opinion, RIM did an excellent job of reassuring shareholders that the company was strong financially. The outlook they offered did not fall short of expectations. In fact, across the board, financial results were better than predicted and Jim addressed the question period adequately.

According to Reuters, the drop “may reflect concern over a competitive landscape that has become more cluttered with alternatives to the BlackBerry.”

The truth of the matter is that RIM does not see other smartphones as a threat. They addressed this issue very clearly in the conference call.

First, the new iPhone pricing is industry standard and nothing RIM can’t match. Apple is simply selling year-old hardware at a discount. This is nothing new and RIM has been doing this for all their handsets. Secondly, the smartphone market is growing fast enough to allow more device competition. The pie is getting larger and it’s not a matter of who gets what slice.

Reuters also points to the global economy as a reason for the share price drop. Sure, while the recession is affecting IT markets, this isn’t something unique to RIM and therefore shouldn’t be lumped together with saying that RIM didn’t meet expectations of shareholders.

As explained in the conference call, revenue is mainly affected by seasonal trends and the summer is inevitably going to be slow. As a shareholder listening to the call, I might want to move my stock out for the summer, and buy back when it has come down a little. My prediction is that you will see the stock jump significantly after the summer, when the fall and holiday seasons are sure to boost revenues.



RIM Q4 financial results via live conference call


Research In Motion

Research in Motion will be reporting results for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2009 year-end on April 2, 2009 after the close of the market. The results will be announced on a live conference call webcast beginning at 5pm EST. You can listend to the results by dialing in to 800-733-7571 or by logging on here. A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 7 pm by dialing 416-640-1917 and entering passcode 21252988#. This replay will be available until midnight ET April 16, 2009.


Free conference calling and voice broadcast for BlackBerry



Ifbyphone is an app that provides conference calling and voice-broadcast messaging combined in a free download – enhancing the functionality of your BlackBerry.

The Ifbyphone application utilizes BlackBerry users’ existing contacts lists, allowing users to create groups of contacts for conference calls or voice-broadcast messages. Ifbyphone will provide the first 100 minutes of use per month free to users of the application.

Ifbyphone intends to make its BlackBerry application available at RIM’s App World when it opens this spring.
Click through to learn more about this conference calling and voice broadcast app

Professional conference call software for your BlackBerry


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If you’re anything like me, you spend at least an hour a day on a conference call to prepare your team for the next seven hours of conference calls you will be attending before you can call it a day. Fairly often I find myself getting a meeting request for some emergency in the middle of lunch or on the road away from my computer screen. This leads to switching back and forth between the phone app and my calendar/email trying to remember the pin code. Even if I’m sitting at my desk though, I find glancing between a screen and my keypad while “dialing in” to get old.
And then I found EZConCall from developer HandiTrack.
EZConCall integrates itself into the main menu in your calendar and email. All you have to do is set your curser over the number to dial, and hit the menu button.

After selecting EZConCall from the menu, you get the pop-up box that lets you either place the call by selecting your default profile, choose a different profile you’ve set up, or choose the code from anywhere else in the “Location” field.
Continue reading a full review of EZConCall for BlackBerry