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Jabra SPEAK 510 Bluetooth Speakerphone Announced


Jabra has announced an update to their popular mobile teleconferencing tool. It’s predecessor, the Jabra SPEAK 410 won best in sound quality of both voice and music as well as best design in the 2011 Sound and Design survey. The new Jabra SPEAK 510 builds on these strengths and adds even more talk time and usability.
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CIO Magazine’s Al Sacco to Host a Q&A Session With RIM Executives at BlackBerry World 2012


CIO Magazine’s Al Sacco will be hosting a Q&A session with RIM executives that this year’s BlackBerry World conference. The session called “Ask RIM, Hosted by Al Sacco” will allow you to ask any question you may have about the company and its offerings.
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BlackBerry World Session Catalog Now Live


former WES conference

The BlackBerry World Session Catalog is now live and it looks like this conference, despite the rebrand, is still very much geared towards large enterprise. This makes sense as RIM will likely save the more consumer-level news and sessions for the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which is conveniently located in San Francisco. This year’s conference is focused on business, IT, and development needs, as well as the tablet’s impact on the office of tomorrow.
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Adobe AIR Apps Demoed on the BlackBerry PlayBook at Adobe MAX


Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO of RIM, and Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, gave a pretty awesome demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook and Adobe AIR apps running on it. The demo also shows off some cool features such as the multitasking with HD video and Adobe AIR apps.

At the end of the video, there is some really awesome news as well. If you create an app for the PlayBook, and it’s accepted to be distributed through App World, you’re eligible for a free PlayBook. So get coding!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Admin Screen Proves QNX Software Isn’t Ready?


blackberry playbook admin screen

UPDATE: This was actually an app being demo’d that was left on the screen. The screen you see isn’t actually anything from the PlayBook OS layer.

It’s pretty obvious that the QNX OS for the PlayBook isn’t ready to be handled yet, and that’s why RIM had the PlayBook behind glass cases (and still does). When something is demoed for the first time it’s almost always under very tight conditions and while it seems RIM rushed to demo, the expectations were a little low considering the PlayBook isn’t available until early 2011.

At the Gartner conference, the PlayBook was on display and big to show something like a dashboard/admin screen. It’s hard to tell if this is proof that the PlayBook OS isn’t ready, or if the demo units have some added admin software.

In any case, we’re all looking forward to getting our hands on the PlayBook and especially to get the QNX OS on BlackBerrys.

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GigaOM hosting Mobilize 2010 Mobile Web Conference in San Francisco



The BlackBerry Developer Conference is coming up soon and on the heels of the conference is GigaOM’s Mobilize 2010 conference on September 30th. If you’re at the Developer Conference and you’re looking to check out something on the mobile web side of things, this could be a good show. Some of the topics covered at the event will include:
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