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Mike Lazaridis on Data Compression, Video and the Competition


Reuters put out more details about the TD Newcrest technology conference where Mike Lazaridis spoke about the smartphone industry and where he believes it’s heading. One of the major topics of discussion was regarding data compression, and the fact that smartphones are increasingly being used to consume rich media.

Devices such as the iPhone and DROID are great for browsing the web and watching video, but these smartphones use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones, and I’ve heard about 3-8 times what a BlackBerry uses.
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App-Centric Developer Conference APPCON in August


There is an app-centric conference called APPCON going on in August that might be of interest to developers looking to network and share ideas/experiences. APPCON features 40 educational sessions, covering a wide range of topics regarding apps and the market. The sessions are vendor-neutral, and are about analyzing mobile app trends at a practical and technical level. APPCON sessions range from 2D/3D barcoding, game development, HTML5, augmented reality, security concerns, mapping apps and multimedia integration.

For more information about APPCON, check out their site or follow @appconlv on Twitter.

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Top 5 applications for conferences and traveling


Jim Balsillie keynote

I have taken my BlackBerry device to several conferences and I’ve found that there are a few applications I cannot live without. These applications should help you save money and be organized while on the road.

Mobile Data Alerter

Mobile Data Alerter is a simple application that allows you to set thresholds for all your data rates. The app will monitor your WiFi data, roaming and non-roaming data. By setting alerts for your roaming and non-roaming data, you can be assured that you won’t get a huge bill at the end of the month.

Download Mobile Data Alerter for your BlackBerry FREE.

[ED NOTE: Mobile Data Alerter is currently free but they will be charging for it eventually.]

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Coveroo at Demo 2009 – Power User Edition



Our friends at Coveroo are presenting at DEMO 2009, a conference where companies launch in front of venture capital folks, bloggers and traditional media. In between the sessions, Coveroo was taking people’s phones and using their laser etching to customize attendees phones. Not one to pass up a cool deal, I handed over my Sprint BlackBerry Curve to go under the Coveroo (friggin’) laser (beams). About two minutes later, I had what you see above. Coveroo is now etching on about 60 new additional devices as of today as well as adding in finishes such as metal and glow in the dark. I’m quite pleased with the end product, check them out on their website and be sure to tell them that BlackBerry Cool sent you!


Register for WES 2009 now and save $400!


2009 is barely out of swaddling clothes, but it’s already time to talk about WES 2009, which takes place in sunny Orlando, Florida, from May 5th to 7th. Maybe that’s because WES 2008 was such a great show, with tonnes of people, energy and enthusiasm. Our friends in Waterloo are already banging the drum for registrations, and while I would normally ignore such requests until the last possible minute (no offense meant guys, I also have this mindset with movie rentals and filing taxes), RIM has sweetened the pot with a fairly hefty discount. If you register for WES 2009 before March 6th, you can save $400, not exactly chump change in these troubling times. We’ve included the WES registration link below, as well as links for hotel registration and a list of keynote speakers (Mikey L. and Malcolm Gladwell, yes!). See you at WES 2009!

WES 2009 Registration Page
WES 2009 Hotel Registration Page
WES 2009 Keynote Speakers List


CES 2009: BlackBerry Booth gallery, impressions



While CES isn’t exactly a mecca for BlackBerry news, BlackBerry Cool is still dedicated to bringing you the latest from Las Vegas. Taking a break from roaming the strip and pretending to be Amy Winehouse, Power User Nan Palmero has finally made it to RIM’s CES booth, and has regaled us with photos and impressions.

Hit the jump to see what goodies the BlackBerry Booth brought to CES 2009 and don’t forget to post a comment if you want Nan to sniff something out.

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