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CTIA 2010: BreezyPrint – One Touch Printing From Your BlackBerry



Printing from a BlackBerry? There are a few companies that offer printing solutions and BreezyPrint is here at CTIA showcasing their solution which looks easy and efficient. BreezyPrint lets print directly from your BlackBerry to any networked printer.

Key features of BreezyPrint:

  • The fastest way to print any document from your mobile device
  • Works with any printer
  • No extra hardware or drivers required
  • No IP address or firewall configuration required
  • Safe – protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Installs in minutes

Head over to their site and try it out now.

WES 2010: Register for the BlackBerry Event of the Year



Registration has opened for WES 2010 and if you register before February 19th, you get $400 USD off with the Early Bird rate. WES 2010 will be from April 27-29 at the Orlando World Center Marriott. If you’re going to attend one conference this year in the BlackBerry space, it has to be WES.

For more information, see AttendWES.com or join their facebook group facebook.com/WESConference.

Are conferences economically viable during recession?


The following is a letter to BlackBerryCool:

Dear BBCool,

My company did not send me to Mobile World Congress this year because it was not in our budget. This seems to be the case with many of our clients and I was hoping your site could shed some light on the subject.

What usually happens in these times is tradeshow budgets are the first to go except that a lot of the big companies have already purchased their show spaces some years in advance. This is a comment from one of our clients over there:

The show doesn’t seem to have as much content as I’d expected. Although, one of the booths had a classic booth girl.

The show seems to have fewer attendees. I’d say there are 20% to 30% fewer attendees. It seems the economy has had a real impact on the conference.

If above says 20 ā€“ 30%, Iā€™d say more likely 40 ā€“ 50% smaller. People under exaggerate in that scenario (hope). Thanks BlackBerryCool!

Editor’s Note: So let’s tackle this subject as a community. Here are some things I’d like to discuss:

Has your company cut back on conference attendance? If so, why?
Are conferences integral to your business?
What can a conference do to make itself a more of a viable expense?