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ContactMonkey Is A Simple And Cross-Platfrom Way Of Sharing Your Contact Information


Sharing contact information should be fast, simple and efficient. That’s exactly what ContactMonkey has set out to do by creating an online business card that seamlessly ties into mobile. ContactMonkey was born out of the frustration that copy and pasting people’s contact information from email signatures was a pain and there is a better solution than vCards. With ContactMonkey, you get an online business card that works cross-platform.
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Questions Answered About BBX, PlayBook 4G and Native PIM Applications


Not too long ago we posted some screenshots of the native PIM applications on PlayBook and there was an incredible response. Many people wanted to know more about these apps and the infrastructure behind it. We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that should shed some more light on these PIM apps, how they integrate with RIM’s infrastructure as well as some upcoming features of PlayBook OS 2.0. There’s also some interesting notes on the PlayBook 4G release and more. Needless to say, we’re very excited for this to finally launch.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email, Contacts and Calendar Screenshots and Details


Today at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum, RIM gave a demo of the native email, contacts and calendar functionality on the BlackBerry PlayBook. We can’t yet post video of the demo but we do have screenshots of the demo and we can answer questions you may have (assuming the answers were discussed).
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LinxIt Links Contacts and Calendar in New Beta App by The Jared Company



The Jared Company has just finished putting the finishing touches on their latest beta app called LinxIt. The app connects Calendar events and Contacts. With this app, you can add an appointment in your BlackBerry Calendar and link the actual contact of that event with a click. Your contacts and calendar are linked both ways, so you can click a contact and view upcoming and past appointments. LinxIt can also give you a daily report right into your inbox on all your upcoming calendar events sorted by contact for the next 7 days.

LinxIt will work on all BlackBerry devices that have OS 5.0 or higher.

If the above link doesn’t work, contact the Jared Company to become a beta tester.

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Add Twitter and Facebook Feeds to Contacts with BlackBerry 6


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A cool feature with BlackBerry 6 is the ability to add Twitter and Facebook updates to your BlackBerry contacts. In OS 5, you could link a Twitter user to a BlackBerry contact, but it would simply add another field in their contact information with a link to their Twitter username. With BlackBerry 6, you now have the ability to see the last Facebook and Twitter update in the BlackBerry contact field. This is a helpful feature because you get an idea of the status of the contact before you message them. If you’re about to call someone and their Facebook status says “feeling sick and in bed”, you could either call them later or wish them a speedy recovery. One of the downsides to this feature is that contacts are not automatically linked. This would have made it a truly killer feature.

To add Twitter and Facebook feeds to your BlackBerry 6 contacts, simply:

1. Open Twitter or Facebook.
2. Select a contact (make sure you’re on their profile page).
3. Press the Menu key and select Link to BlackBerry Contact.
4. Select from an existing contact or create a new contact entry.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

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Giveaway: Copy2Contact updates with SMS and calendar support


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Copy2Contact is a simple way to take contact information from emails and store them in your BlackBerry Address Book. In the latest version of the app, you can grab contact and calendar information from SMS, web and search results, and add them directly to your BlackBerry address book and/or calendar. The app will even update existing contacts if a match is found.

The most recent version of Copy2Contact features text recognition that grabs information as a stand-alone client, so you don’t need a wireless signal to grab contacts. Also, since the text recognition can grab info from any source, it can be used in mobile search and directory services like GOOG-411.

Copy2Contact is available on a yearly subscription for $9.95 in the BlackBerry Cool store.

Copy2Contact is also available for $9.99 in App World.

Click through to see a feature comparison with Gwabbit and a download link for 1 of 25 free copies