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Baseball on BlackBerry beats belated bereavement


Baseball fanIf you’re a baseball fan and need your scores right away, MLB just announced that they’ve got a homepage button that you can install on your BlackBerry for one-click access to MLB.com. Web browsing is a pretty simple way of getting content out there, although maybe not as flexible as, say, Viigo, but the MLB site is mobile-friendly and can give you quick access to your scores. So now when your team loses, you can be sooner disappointed with all your other comrades in fandom, rather than waiting to hear it later on the news.

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BlackBerry calendar patch for BlackBerry 8300, 8830


CalendarWe’ve heard some reports about problems with syncing calendars on the BlackBerry 8830 and BlackBerry 8300 with your PC. If you happen to be in this boat, there’s an over the air patch available to fix the issue both on your handheld and BES if need be. You shouldn’t have to worry if you’re packing an OS version higher than, which solved the glitch. There’s the odd horror story revolving around patch installation, but it seems that by and large the patch does what it’s supposed to with minimal fuss.

BlackBerry software counts your calories


BurgerAllBlackBerry has got their mitts on some new software called Fast Food Calorie Counter, which stores the information of over 3,000 food items across 29 fast food restaurants. The data includes, calories, fiber, fat, carbs and proteins. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “If you’re on a diet and counting calories, maybe you should just steer clear of the fast food places altogether…?” It makes sense, but we all have our vices. In fact, this could be the weapon of choice for nagging wives trying to get their husbands to cut down the cholesterol levels. For a mere $10, you can get in on the guilt-tripping number-crunching.

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Review: Voice on the Go


Voice on the Go logoIt goes without saying that all enterprise BlackBerry users are looking for ways to increase their uptime (although we’re sure that even enterprise users wouldn’t mind sweet ringtone action to go along with their uptime). For those among us who face long commutes to work or other car travel, those tiresome hours stuck behind the wheel can be an uptime/productivity killer.

Fellow Canadians Voice on the Go offer hope for wearied travelers with their hands/eyes-free solution that gives users voice access to their email, calendars, and contacts while driving. We’ve wanted to get our hands on Voice on the Go for a long time (and so have our readers), so check out our full review below.

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