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QuickCopy for BlackBerry makes copy and paste much easier



QuickCopy is a relatively new application that fills in the gaps that the native copy/paste features lack on your BlackBerry.

The utility creates a shortcut menu in the top right of your screeen that gives you quick access to common PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar & Email. Think of this application as being the QuickLaunch version of copy and paste.

QuickCopy will save you a ton of time if you’re logging in to sites from your browser, creating memo entries, viewing PIM information or inputting personal data into any third party apps.


  • Seamless integration with native Email & Calendar applications
  • Enhanced integration with Address Book (Contacts), Tasks & Memopad providing information as an organized list with the ability to quickly view or paste automatically
  • Simple & Easy to use User Interface with customizable Help Prompts to guide you through the process
  • Customizable Automatic Paste feature with the ability to turn it on/off based on your requirements
  • Customizable QuickCopy shortcut menu allowing you to choose the Menu Items for display
  • Ability to establish Default Contact, for even quicker access to your Contact information from anywhere on the device
  • Intuitive customizable options to control the behaviour of the application to meet your specific needs

Purchase QuickCopy for $4.99 and get ready to make the copy and paste experience much easier.

To activate and customize QuickCopy, go to Options > QuickCopy Options. The free trial is the full version so be sure to check it out if you aren’t sure about purchasing.


Telus BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste


Something all BlackBerry users are interested in, and apparently something iPhone users will never get, is the BlackBerry Storm’s copy and paste functionality. While playing with the Telus BlackBerry Storm today, I had to record a video of how simple it is. I really enjoy how the copy and cut options pop up on the bottom of the screen once you’ve made your text selection. Why can’t Apple figure this out?


The BlackBerry Storm can do Copy and Paste


BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste

While some may see this as a direct “eff yooo” to the boys and girls in Cupertino, I’m sure most BlackBerry users will see it as a basic necessity. That’s right, the BlackBerry Storm can do at least one thing that other touchscreen device can’t — copy and paste.

The Boy Genius has pulled this little snippet describing how copy and paste will work on the BlackBerry Storm from the variety of internal documents he nabbed over the weekend. Simply place to fingers on the screen simultaneously to highlight your section of choice and you’re ready to copy and paste. Simple, easy, and quite silly that Apple hasn’t figured it out (or at the very least made it a priority).

(via BGR)