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Cortado Announce Corporate Server 5.0 with Active Directory Search


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Cortado has recently announced Cortado Corporate Server 5.0 which now allows cross-platform integration of BlackBerry including BIS devices, and other smartphones into corporate IT. CCS 5.0 also includes a new Active Directory search feature which allows users to find network printers more easily. Cortado also allows BIS users to access IT resources as well as access shared corporate drives, view and manage files and send files via e-mail, as well as print, fax, scan, copy or create a PDF.

Cortado Corporate Server 5.0 is available for five users for US $995, including Update Service. A free demo version can be downloaded by visiting cortado.com/corporate.

Cortado Flight Mode App Free for This Summer Only


Cortado has made their Flight Mode App free for this summer only. Cortado Flight Mode is an offline mode that allows users to safely read e-mails during flights. Before Flight Mode disconnects from all wireless connections, it downloads any incomplete emails from your server so you can view them in full length during the flight and use that time to work.

Download a free copy of Cortado Flight Mode App.

Cortado Announce Support for Google Cloud Print Solution


Today, Cortado has announced plans to improve Google’s recently announced Cloud Print Solution. Google’s service, dubbed “Cloud Print”, pushes a print job into the cloud, and allows the job to be pulled in by network-accessible printers for a physical copy. Cortado is enhancing this solution, by allowing the following functionality:

  • Spontaneous direct printing from Google Chrome OS or Android devices
  • Supporting all existing printers and nearly all file types
  • Expanding cloud printing support outside of Google Apps
  • Offer a “Private Cloud” solution for integration into corporate IT

As Cortado are owned by ThinPrint, this printing solution is a logical step for the company and definitely rounds out their printing solutions. For more information, see Cortado’s cloud printing details.

BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 12th


This was a slower than usual week on BlackBerryCool but there are still some gems lying around. In apps, we saw some awesome updates from some old favorites such as Gym Technik, Druglord Wars 2, Cortado and Tvider. There are also some newish players to the scene such as Kik, who launched a very nice chat client which will soon come with video support as well. The Pearl 9100 has been making the rounds with a T9 and QWERTY keyboard, which should be great for sales in the European markets. We’ve also seen some interesting news on the wire, including a report that BlackBerry usage is the highest during the weekday compared to iPhone.
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Cortado Workplace Now Available Free in BlackBerry App World


Cortado Workplace allows users to remotely store and access documents via their PC, Mac or BlackBerry. The service offers 1GB of online storage for free and also enables users to print documents from the cloud using their BlackBerry. The reviews so far have been positive and Workplace is a free app so you have nothing to lose.

Check out Cortado Workplace, free in App World.

Cortado Workplace Offers Free Cloud Storage and Remote Printing



Cortado have a new free app called Cortado Workplace. The app allows users to store documents and files in the cloud and access them anytime and anywhere via the Cortado Workplace file manager application or the browser. The solution also includes printing, enabling users to print documents on any local or network printer.

Each user of Cortado Workplace gets a password-protected 1GB worth of cloud storage, and access to the files any time from their BlackBerry, PC or laptop.

Download Cortado Workplace for your BlackBerry, free of charge.