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Win prizes with Cortado’s Apps Need Printing competition



Today is the first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference and Cortado are running fun competition they call “Apps Need Printing.” The challenge calls on developers to test Cortado’s new, Java-based CHAPI (Content Handling API, JSR-211) interface and submit suggestions for the best and most original use of printing within an application.

The deadline for submission for the “Apps need printing!” competition is December 9, 2009. In addition to originality, expected market opportunity will also be a factor when deciding the winners. First, second and third place winners will receive a Nintendo Wii as well as a Cortado marketing and partner package worth $5,000 USD.

By the end of the year, Cortado plans to provide BlackBerry users with its printing service for free. Providers of BlackBerry smartphone applications will also benefit from the service because they will be able to add the “Print” function to their own app at no cost.

Can anyone think of some cool apps that would benefit from printing?

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Cortado Corporate Server 4.0 Professional now available



Cortado has launched their latest product, Cortado Corporate Server 4.0 Professional – a solution tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses.

Cortado Corporate Server 4.0 Professional gives BlackBerry users mobile access to their corporate network. Using the application, Cortado customers can:

  • Print files in original format on any network or Bluetooth-enabled printer and send them as a fax, or as an e-mail attachment.
  • Create PDFs and access updated database reports directly from their handset.
  • Scan and copy documents with the use of the BlackBerry camera. Images can also be faxed or saved in a project folder.

Cortado Corporate Server Professional is available for $995USD. The price covers 5 users, includes 12 months of support and service updates.


Send SMS messages between your BlackBerry and PC or Mac



SMSLink allows you to get your text messages pushed to your Mac or PC where you can reply to them just like you would in a normal SMS conversation. This is good for users who are at their desk and receive a lot of text messages because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing, unlock your device, and reply to the message. With SMSLink, you can do it right from your desktop.

The software has been recently updated. With the new version you’ll find:

  • Address Book Integration – SMSLink will now grab the address book directly from your BlackBerry. You no longer have to remember all of your contacts phone numbers.
  • User Interface – SMSLink is now sporting a brand new user interface. V2 now looks much more like a traditional chat application. One contact list window, and another window that displays your current conversations.
  • Improved Contact Matching – Version 1 of SMSLink required you to modify each and every contact in your address book to match a certain format. You no longer have to do this.
  • Proper Deployment – Running Windows? There’s no a proper installation process that will add an application to your start menu, and allow you to uninstall the application.
  • Running Mac? SMSLink is now bundled into a .app file, so you can add it to the rest of your applications, and add it to your favorite launcher.

Buy SMSLink for $8.99 USD from R10Software.

Before you purchase SMSLink, make sure you’ve seen Cortado’s SMS2Desk and compare the functionality of the two products. Sometimes similar products will often a particular feature you find uniquely beneficial.

Purchase Cortado SMS2Desk Premium for $6.98.


Send emails and docs straight from BlackBerry to fax


emFAST FACSys for BlackBerry

emFAST have created a neat application for BlackBerry called FACSys that enables users to print an e-mail, Word document, spreadsheet or PDF from their BlackBerry, directly to the nearest fax machine.

If you would like to purchase this, check it out on App World.

FACSys is not the only product out there that allows you to send your docs straight to fax. The following are other companies that provide the same service:

Cortado Print & Fax for BlackBerry
Fax or print e-mail attachments or documents in original format. Create and send faxes using fax templates. Get a free file manager with 1 GB free Online Storage Space.
Price $29.98

Mail2Fax – Document Printing for BlackBerry
Send mails and attachments (like documents, sheets, presentations, PDF, graphics) to a fax gateway for document printing.
Price $12.95

Cortado adds BlackBerry scan and fax features with BES 5.0


Cortado specializes in mobile document management and they have announced support for BES 5. BES 5.0 now includes file access for documents behind a company’s firewall, and with the Cortado solution provides users with extensive file support as well as a wide range of output options such as printing, faxing and PDF rendering.

Here is a quick breakdown of the newest features you’ll find in Cortado:

– PDF rendering: the first PDF creator for BlackBerry smartphones. Save, print, fax and e-mail PDF files
– Instant Database Reporting: View, e-mail, print or fax database reports from almost any database
– Print to network printer in accordance with the user’s rights in the active directory
– Search for printers in the active directory
– Print to Bluetooth-printers
– Present-to-Screen: Present or view documents from a smartphone on a computer screen or projector
– Mobile fax and short fax: Send any document to a fax machine or quickly create faxes using short fax templates

We’ve entered Cortado in our Best of WES 2009 competition so be sure to keep checking for updates.


Cortado solutions are now available on BlackBerry App World


Cortado for BlackBerry

Cortado has announced that its solutions are now available on BlackBerry App World, which makes it easier for customers to discover and use Cortado solutions on their BlackBerry. Cortado solutions available include Basic Print, Save The Weekend, SMS2Desk, Connect and Print and Fax 3 Months.

“SMS2Desk” and “Save The Weekend” are free applications. SMS2Desk enables the sending and receiving of text messages in Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, GroupWise and other e-mail programs directly on a PC or laptop. With Save The Weekend, e-mails written outside of work hours will not be sent to the recipient until the next work day begins.

“Cortado Basic Print” enables quick and easy local printing of photos, pictures and texts directly from a BlackBerry smartphone. With “Cortado Print and Fax” users can print documents, attachments, HTML e-mails, websites and tasks over Bluetooth® or send faxes using the included fax templates.

The free file manager “Cortado Connect” enables users to access and manage files saved on their BlackBerry smartphones or in online storage.

BlackBerry App World is currently available in the US, Canada and United Kingdom.