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Video of the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm in action


Here is a video we got from CrackBerry. Although the video is a whopping 3 minutes long, it showcases all the features we’ve been looking forward to on the BlackBerry Storm. Something I’m curious about is the landscape keyboard: will it turn for everything? As Doug has mentioned before, I’m an iPhone user and one of the problems I have is that the keyboard will go landscape for Safari, but not SMS. I’ll add this to my giant list of problems with the iPhone. Anyways, this is a BlackBerry site and RIM knows its stuff, so I’m sure they’ve figured it out. Enjoy!

(Via CB)

BlackBerry Made Simple contest giveaway


BlackBerry Made Simple

CrackBerry’s got a pretty slick contest going on where, just for voting on a poll about instructional videos on your BlackBerry, you get two days free of BlackBerry Made Simple videos. Not only that, you’ve got a shot at some of the big prizes, including a full year of video access, free ebooks, and week-long licenses to the video library. The big question of the poll is about saving the great BlackBerry Made Simple videos to your media card, so you can learn the ropes of the very device you’re watching. While vets might scoff at the notion of needing more training, there are always tricks to learn. As for newer folks, you can get up to snuff in no time with some clean, helpful videos. Just head on over to the forum and drop a ballot for your chance to win!

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