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Kudos Credit Card Payment System for iOS, Android and BlackBerry


NetSecure’s Kudos, which launched back in June as Canada’s first mobile credit card reader, is apparently (says the PR) the only solution in the Canadian market that doesn’t have any monthly or hidden fees. Credit cards are processed via a dongle, sort of like Square, that connects via the headphone jack, and is compatible with all the major smartphones, as well as laptops and desktops.
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Wireless Merchant Mobile Accounting and Payment Solution Comes with Competitive Pricing


wireless merchant

We talk a lot about mobile payment systems here at BlackBerryCool because it’s a fast growing industry with some pretty awesome implications for retail and business in general. The BlackBerry, being a secure and ubiquitous device, is the ideal platform for capturing mobile payments and we’ve recently come across a pretty awesome solution called Wireless Merchant.

Wireless Merchant is a two in one application for BlackBerry. The first application is a Credit Card Processing Module which allows merchants to process their clients’ credit cards and receive an authorization almost immediately. The second application is an Order Entry/Billing Module which integrates directly to back office accounting systems (Sage ACCPAC ERP, Sage BusinessVision and QuickBooks). This application brings the customers, items, pricing, taxes etc. into the BlackBerry and allows the merchant to process an Order, Invoice, Credit Note and/or a Quote while automatically updating their accounting system and creating a domino effect. All of this backend updating is done in real time.
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BlackBerry App World Desktop Commerce Now Live!


app world billing

We got confirmation that BlackBerry App World desktop commerce was coming back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and it’s now live. The new App World site allows you to purchase and download free apps as well as sync your device so that your apps are synced with the site.

Currently, only Windows is supported and the site supports a few types of billing including PayPal, credit card or carrier billing. To get started with the new site, you’ll need to install a 1MB MSI App World installer.

Head over to App World and check it out.

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Full details surrounding eCom’s MasterCard app for BlackBerry



This is some really exciting news about a particular side of BlackBerry that I’ve found is a long time coming: credit card payments from your device.

Well it seems we’re very close to be able to make credit card fund transfers from the device. eCom have been working on a BlackBerry payment solution which they have been testing successfully over the past few weeks. Although several additional features will be added over time, the basic application can be described as follows:

  • Allows eCOM MasterCard Cardholder to register their card to their BlackBerry device via the ECOM website and after simple registration and acceptance of terms and conditions on the device itself, the ECOM icon shows on the menu screen of the Blackberry.
  • Safely and securely, via the RIM push technology and not text or email messaging, the ECOM application allows the transfer of funds from card to card using the card account number (not the actual card number), within minutes of completing the transaction, regardless of the global location of the sender or recipient. Initial login requires the CID (card identification number) of the cardholder for secure access.
  • The icon on the Blackberry changes colour from the default black to blue when funds have been received and sent. The icon on the BB of the recipient will change to the blue with a white arrow next to it pointing up denoting a receipt of funds. The icon of the senders BB will also turn blue and the arrow points down denoting the sending of funds (or having made a payment somewhere).
  • When the cursor of the BB is positioned over the ECOM icon on the BB, basic payment/receipt information is displayed. More detailed account information is displayed when the user clicks on the icon and enters their CID to access their account.

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