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Shoot Competitively with Ballistics Free for BlackBerry


Ballistics Free is a simple ballistics calculator app for BlackBerry. It’s a simple ballistics calculator that will compute the projectile velocity, projectile drop and windage correction, based upon projectile weight, atmospheric conditions, distance.
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Bplay Launches Clue Cover Story for BlackBerry


Bplay has announced the release of Clue Cover Story for BlackBerry. Developed by EA Mobile, Clue Cover Story is an adventure game based on the classic iconic Clue board game.

In Clue Cover Story, you must solve the mysterious murder of Mr. Boddy. Search his fantastic hillside mansion to uncover his guests’ devious secrets. Record clues on your crime map to discover who did, where and with what weapon. The faster you are, the more stars you’ll earn to advance your journalism career. Was it Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick? Or Peacock in the Ballroom with the revolver?

Help solve the mystery with Clue Cover Story for BlackBerry from Bplay

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B.C. criminals using BlackBerrys


CriminalAccording to a recent RCMP threat assessment report, BlackBerrys are helping organized crime get a bit more organized. The increasing affordability of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and devices themselves is making BlackBerry a choice purchase for criminals in British Columbia. The enterprise-level security makes it difficult for law enforcement officials to crack information on the devices, as well as plant wiretaps.

“Every message that is sent via a BlackBerry is broken up into 2Kb [kilobyte] packets of information, each of which is given a 256-bit key by the BlackBerry server,” said [Scott Totzke, RIM’s vice-president of global security]. “That means to release the contents of a 10Kb e-mail, a person would have to crack five separate keys, and each one would take about as long as it would for the sun to burn out — billion of years.”

What do you guys think, are BlackBerry communications getting too secure for their own good?