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BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Goes Cross-Platform Summer 2013


At BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry has just made a pretty major announcement. As of Summer 2013, BBM will be cross platform. This has been discussed for some time and many have debated whether or not it will happen. On the one hand, many thought that it wouldn’t happen because it’s a crucial customer retention tool for BlackBerry. On the other hand, users want to be able to communicate with their friends, regardless of what smartphone they use.

When BBM launches for other platforms this summer, it will have Messaging and Groups features for iOS 6 users and Android users running Ice Cream Sandwich. For the following updates, other platforms will get BBM Voice, Screensharing and BBM Channels.

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BlackBerry Sponsors Haxe NME for Cross-Platform 2D Games


Flash developers will find this interesting: BlackBerry is currently sponsoring the Haxe NME (Neko Media Engine) project on Github. NME allows developers to build cross-platform 2D games or apps. The platform allows developers to deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, while also supporting Flash Player and HTML5. According to the About section:

“NME mirrors the traditional Flash API, so developers can leverage their existing experience to target new platforms, with better results. Developers with experience in ActionScript 3, Java or C++ can quickly learn to use NME without a long on-ramp.”
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ContactMonkey Is A Simple And Cross-Platfrom Way Of Sharing Your Contact Information


Sharing contact information should be fast, simple and efficient. That’s exactly what ContactMonkey has set out to do by creating an online business card that seamlessly ties into mobile. ContactMonkey was born out of the frustration that copy and pasting people’s contact information from email signatures was a pain and there is a better solution than vCards. With ContactMonkey, you get an online business card that works cross-platform.
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Shape Services Launches Cross-Platform Messaging Platform Beep Within IM+


IM+ Messenger is one of the most popular IM apps for BlackBerry. The developers, Shape Services, have gone to great lengths to continually support BlackBerry and its users. IM+ has come a long way over the years and is now available on multiple platforms including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With the latest release across all these platforms, IM+ features its own cross-platform messenger called “Beep”.
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Phonecall Enhancement Service Thrutu Launches on BlackBerry


Thrutu is a phonecall enhancement service that allows callers to share files, share media and play games while engaged in a voice call. The service boasts 300000 users on iOS and Android and has added the BlackBerry OS to their cross platform communications app.

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