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Bplay’s Crossbar theme returns!


Crossbar theme by Bplay

A slick, ground-breaking theme from Bplay mysteriously vanished awhile back, to the disappointment of many, but for reasons unknown, Crossbar is now again available on Bplay. Oh, happy day. Seriously, if you haven’t checked this out, it’s one of the most innovative themes you’ll find out there. All of your icons go in a horizontal line which scrolls left and right as you chose icons. Not only stylish and simple, but also gets more icons on your home screen than standard Zen and Today styles. Hats off to Bplay for getting this one back on the shelves! The Explorer theme is back too, if you were missed your chance for a Vista-styled BlackBerry.


New theme raises the bar


CrossbarA fresh new addition to Bplay, Crossbar, really is something different. Animated themes aren’t new, but Crossbar provides a bar which scrolls as you roll left and right (rather than moving the cursor), giving you access to the first seven applications as well as the three Today icons. It’s not often I get excited about themes, but this is innovative, slick, and gives you access to more apps on your home screen than any other Zen or Today theme out there. Check it out!