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Verizon ends Buy One Get One promotion – Storm and Curve reduced



Verizon had an incredibly successful Buy One Get One promotion for BlackBerry devices but sadly it’s coming to an end. While today may be the official end date, Verizon will honor the BOGO promo through June 27th due to active advertising.

On the bright side, while the BOGO promotion is finished, BlackBerry devices that were under the BOGO promotion will be reduced by $50. This means great savings on the Curve and Storm.



Windows Live search for BlackBerry updated



Windows Live Search has been around for some time now and it recently has been updated. WLS now supports a host of new devices, with support for 4.6, 4.6.1 and even 4.7 devices. This means support for the Bold, Curve 8900 and the BlackBerry Storm.

Download a copy of Windows Live Search by visiting this link with your BlackBerry browser.


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Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 unboxing and first impressions


The Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 made its way into our office this afternoon and I’ve put together some first impressions and pics for you. The first thing that struck me about the device was the amazing form factor. The device fits so nicely in the palm of your hand and it’s very lightweight. As someone who loved the original Curve, this device seemed like the perfect upgrade. The new OS makes it look especially sweet.
Click through for some great unboxing pics

BlackBerry 8320 lands in Romania


RomaniaThe Wi-Fi Curve was announced today by Orange in Romania. To kick off the event, they’re throwing in 1 GB microSD cards with the handset. Orange’s BlackBerry lineup in Romania was starting to look a little stale, so the 8320 should liven things up a fair bit. No price available yet, but you can expect something in the range of 200€ with a two-year contract.

Weekly Contest: Home Sweet Home


BBStore OpeningEarlier this week, RIM partnered up with Wireless Giant to launch a dedicated BlackBerry store, which is a pretty big step. The more hopeful among us might see this as a sign of a larger move away from carrier dependency, while others might see the opening as a cute pilot project that won’t really go anywhere. Regardless, BlackBerry now has a real brick-and-mortar consumer home in Michigan, and its success will determine how much further RIM goes with the idea. This week we’re asking BBCool readers: will BlackBerry stores spread? Is it commercially viable? Can you see a branch in every major city? How do carriers feel? Does it work to their advantage or detriment to have comparable plans right next to one another? As for the prize for the best comment, this week we’ll be giving away the Curve or Pearl skin of your choice from the fine folks at DecalGirl.

Last week’s winner behind the jump!

Curve BerryBUDDY on the way


CurveBuddyWe just got some fresh concepts shots of the upcoming BerryBUDDY charging/syncing cradle for the Curve, and it certainly looks pretty slick. A light gray charger with chrome highlights might match the Curve’s style a bit better, but we ain’t complaining. Besides, it’ll still be awhile before this hits shelves, so changes are entirely possible. We took a look at the Pearl BerryBUDDY which had a sweet design, so hopefully innov8 can bring the same quality to the Curve.