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The BlackBerry Cool Wishlist


TreeChristmastime is rapidly approaching, and maybe that special BlackBerry-user in your life hasn’t been bought for just yet. Well, there’s still time and BBCool’s here to help you find something you know they’ll use and love. We’ve compiled a little wish-list of stuff we would personally like to see under the tree – presents we’re so sure of that we’re knocking 10% off all in-store items marked with asterix – just enter the coupon code BBHOLIDAY for your discount. I know, we’re giving y’all presents early again, but we just can’t help it.

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OS 4.3 packing stereo Bluetooth support?


BluetoothKevin has had a chance to play around with OS 4.3 on the BlackBerry 8100 and found that it supports A2DP, a feature previously found only on the Curve and later Pearl models. As a guy who’s stuck listening to podcasts on the dinky mono earbud with his Pearl, I’m pretty excited about the news. With any luck the stereo Bluetooth support will also hit the 8800 whenever OS 4.3.1 becomes publicly available.

How to make and send postcards from you Curve


PostcardThe newest addition to the Independent Software Vendors Alliance, Me Inc., is offering a free beta for their Shout Postcard service on BlackBerry. Shout Postcard makes postcards with pictures taken from your Curve or Treo, along with recorded voice notes and typed out messages, perfect for those snide “wish you were here” cards that you can send by e-mail right from the tropical beach. Now if you could send the newly-supported video clips too, you’d be set. If you’re interested in giving the beta a try, you can download it over the air at www.shoutpostcard.com/downloads/com_meinc_shout2.jad.

Orange launches BlackBerry 8320 in Spain


Orange Josep just posted on the Spanish release of the BlackBerry 8320 with Wi-Fi. The specs are pretty much the same as the original Curve, save for the Wi-Fi and an upgraded 2 megapixel camera. The 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo Bluetooth, and microSDHC support are all there, cementing them as standard features for new BlackBerrys. The 8320 will be filling out Orange’s Wi-Fi BlackBerry lineup next to the previously-released BlackBerry 8820, which has been on shelves since August. No word on price yet… Any Spanish-speakers able to dig one out of the site?

New photo sharing service joins ISV Alliance


iTTOMPSome bold souls have taken the iWhatever moniker to a new extreme with iTookThisOnMyPhone, a free photo-sharing service recently announced as a member of the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendors Alliance. The gist of the program is anyone on a major U.S. carrier can have the photos they snap with their BlackBerry Pearl or Curve automatically uploaded to iTTOMP’s web service, letting you share your pictures immediately and leaving the memory on your BlackBerry for other things. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can upload, but you better believe that you’ll be seeing it on your bill if you’re on anything short of an unlimited data plan. iTTOMP seems handy for the folks who take a lot of pictures, but I think I’d stick with the new Facebook photo sharing for now. Thanks for the heads up, Ronen!

Wi-Fi on BlackBerry – 8820 sooner than you thought?



So, some of us are looking forward to the BlackBerry Curve, and others the World Edition 8830, and maybe even to a new Pearl, but I bet rumblings of an 8820 model months ago had taken a backseat to all of that. Well, Engadget’s got their grubby mitts on the upcoming BlackBerry, which is, in short, 8800 + Wi-Fi. A small upgrade, but a huge one at the same time. Folks have been clamoring for for this for some time now.

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