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Zendesk Announces BlackBerry mobile App for Enterprise Customer Support



Zendesk has announced that they now offer Zendesk for BlackBerry – an app that lets customer support agents use the Zendesk ticket system from their mobile. The app’s workflow capability allows agents to receive and respond to customer support requests in real time, as well as log support issue details for follow-up. New Zendesk users can also create an account directly from Zendesk’s BlackBerry mobile help desk app. Features of the app include:
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Cellular customer satisfaction in the pits


Customer CareConsumer Reports will be busting out their 2008 issue soon, and American carriers are getting less than stellar marks in the customer satisfaction department. The report was based on surveying some 47,000 wireless subscribers across 20-odd major U.S. cities, fewer than half of whom were completely or very satisfied. Service quality, customer service, early termination fees and mandatory contract extensions were all reasons for the dropping rating. Service is supposedly improving, even though carriers, like Sprint who scored the worst, have got a long ways to go.

Think twice about calling Sprint customer service


The Boot …because it might just be one call too many. Reports have been creeping up that Sprint subscribers who have been too much of a drain on customer service resources are getting The Bootâ„¢. Sprint’s willing to put offending customers’ balance to zero, and give them until the end of the month to find a new carrier and transfer their phone number, but after that the number’s gone. The carrier’s been throwing a euthanasiast “it’s for your own good” angle on the issue. More after the jump.